Hutto Fire Rescue has launched a new digital platform to protect residents during emergency situations, as announced in an April 15 Williamson County news release. Hutto Community Connect is an app created by Hutto Fire Rescue, partnered with the technology company First Due.

Hutto Community Connect offers residents the opportunity to share information about their households to emergency responders and first aid personnel during emergency situations or major disasters, per the release. Residents interested in participating can create a profile and enter information on their property, including the number of occupants.

Per the release, data provided by residents is secure and is made available to public safety agencies during emergency situations.

“When responding to a residence, there is often critical information that would assist in how we respond to that incident," Fire Chief Scott D. Kerwood said in the release. "Letting us know who is the best point of contact in case of an emergency, if yourself or family members have functional needs that we should prepare for, or even if you have pets we should look out for, can really help us serve you in the most effective way possible when it matters most.”

For more information on Hutto Community Connect, click here.