New city trails in the works for Springbrook neighborhood in Pflugerville


Pflugerville residents will have additional trails to explore following the Pflugerville Community Development Corp.’s approval of up to $33,000 in parks and trails improvements.

PCDC voted 6-2 on Aug. 21 in favor of providing funding for the city to implement park and trail improvements adjacent to the Springbrook residential development neighborhood.

The specifics of the addition, as outlined by Pflugerville Parks & Recreation Director Shane Mize, will help develop an open practice field for pick-up sports. The field, located near the New Meister Lane and Springbrook Road intersection, will be surrounded by a trails path that will connect with other city trails.

The trails, made of concrete, will not require scraping or leveling, only construction of the sidewalks and concrete trails along with the addition of trees. Mize also added the potential detention of water in the area north of the Springbrook development could allow for buildings to be built on the northern property in the future.

“There is no park in that area, and when we talked with parks to find out what was going on there, it allowed us the opportunity to help with a trail system that will be built all around it,” said PCDC Executive Director Amy Madison.

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  1. It’s nice to see PCDC doing something with our tax money other than giving it away to new businesses. On the other hand $33K for this park is small change compared to what PCDC collects from us every day to pay for stuff like that FAILED WATER PARK. If we want to pay for parks, just give the money to the parks and recreation department, there is no need for PCDC. They are primarily in business for themselves, to keep their lucrative jobs.

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