travis county commissioner Arthur Sampson[/caption]

Arthur Sampson

• Public transportation. I will work with Commissioners Court and other governmental agencies to develop a public transportation system in rural areas of Travis County and Precinct 1.
• Affordable housing. I will work with Commissioners Court and the community to ensure that all available funds and programs are used for affordable housing.
• Economic development. To encourage businesses to locate in Precinct 1, I would offer incentives to new businesses. This will create jobs for youth, middle-class people and include job training.

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travis county commissioner Jeff Travillion[/caption]

Jeff Travillion

• Provide good, transparent government to the people of Travis County, which includes evaluating county programs, comparing them to best practices, and then funding them appropriately
• Create proven opportunities to end the school-to-prison pipeline while addressing student performance and preparing our young people to enter the workforce
• Provide resources for vulnerable populations and give them access to affordable health care and mass-transit options, ensuring no one is left out

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