UPDATED: 4:42 p.m.

Following Doug Gaul's resignation as Hutto's mayor, Mayor Pro Tem Mike Snyder will preside over council's Nov. 5 meeting and assume mayoral duties at the meeting, city spokesperson Stacy Schmitt said in an email to Community Impact Newspaper.

Mayor Pro Tem Snyder's assumption of Gaul's duties is permitted according to Section 3.05 of the Hutto City Charter, Schmitt said. Gaul's resignation, submitted to the city via email, has been given to Hutto's city secretary and will be documented in city records.

The mayor's vacancy "will occur on the date the resignation is accepted by the City Council or on the eighth day after the day the resignation is received, whichever is earlier," Schmitt said. Once accepted by council, that will be the formal date of vacancy.

Gaul was re-elected as Hutto's mayor in May 2019, with his term set to end in May 2022. Because more than one year remains in his term, Schmitt said a special election will be called as part of the city of Hutto's regularly scheduled May 2021 election.

Hutto City Council's Nov. 19 meeting will include an agenda item pertaining to Gaul's resignation, which will allow council to take any additional action regarding next steps, as needed.


Hutto Mayor Doug Gaul announced his resignation from city leadership, effective at 5 p.m. Nov. 5. In a statement posted to his mayoral Facebook page, Gaul said the decision allows him to focus on his family and business endeavors.

"After much prayer, counsel and thought I have decided that my time as Mayor has come to an end and I am officially submitting my resignation as Mayor of Hutto, Chairman of Cottonwood Creek Development, and River Creek Development to focus on my business and family," Gaul wrote. "I have enjoyed serving the community of Hutto for the past 13.5 years on the City Council and Hutto ISD board. I feel a lot as been accomplished and we have made great strides in moving Hutto Forward."

As part of his announcement, Gaul said he will not be attending Hutto City Council's Nov. 5 meeting, scheduled for 7 p.m.