Pflugerville officially established the city's equity commission July 14, following a year's worth of conversations and collaborative efforts between community members and city leadership.

Language included in the ordinance addresses that “the City of Pflugerville acknowledges that the history of discrimination in the United States of America continues to affect the privilege and/or lack of opportunity for people in the City."

The ordinance defines equity as the economic, political or social access granted to all residents, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability or other forms of identity.

Per the ordinance, the Pflugerville Equity Commission will comprise seven members who each serve two-year terms. The duties of the commission, documents outline, is to create "focused recommendations specific to Pflugerville related to equity and empowerment issues."

City documents revealed that Pflugerville is a majority-minority city, meaning no racial or ethnic group comprise the majority of the city's population. Women make up 52% of residents in Pflugerville, and 8.6% of the population are age 65 or older. There are 4,125 veterans living in Pflugerville as well as 322 veteran-owned businesses, per documents.

The commission's mission, as written, is to promote equity for all residents and to serve as a reflection of the diversity among Pflugerville's residents. The commission will work toward bolstering equity and diversity initiatives through awareness efforts, programs and activities available to community members.

Following the now-approved ordinance's initial introduction June 9, Mayor Victor Gonzales commended efforts of both city staff and residents, acknowledging the commission as a significant city achievement.

“And with that action," Gonzales said June 9, "I think we are putting history on the books for Pflugerville.”

For information on how to apply for the commission, click here.