Round Rock ISD seeking volunteers to evaluate need for potential future bond


The Round Rock ISD Board of Trustees is asking for volunteers to participate in a committee to evaluate and prioritize the district’s needs in preparation for a possible bond election.

The Board approved a Citizens Bond Committee (CBC) charter during its Jan. 18 regular meeting. The charter is the first step in preparing for a bond election in November 2018 or May 2019.

According to the charter, the CBC will consist of three subcommittees:

  • The Districtwide Subcommittee will focus on safety, technology and instructional programs for the entire district.
  • The Growth Subcommittee will focus on facility needs to address growth in the district. This could include new schools, land, additions and renovations.
  • The Capital Renewal and Replacement Subcommittee will focus on components of existing facility infrastructure.

The three subcommittees will meet as often as needed to review information and presentations and create a draft report of their findings to present to the board no later than June 21 for a potential November bond election or Jan. 17, 2019 for a potential May 2019 bond election.

Round Rock citizens who are interested in participating in the CBC are asked to submit an application here by Feb. 12 at 11:59 p.m.

“Improving the educational environment for our students and identifying and addressing critical needs for our schools should be a community effort,” Superintendent Steve Flores said in a press release. “We want our future to be a collective vision and look forward to having these important conversations with our community on how we can best make improvements.”

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  1. Let’s see if they try to jam another pie-in-the-sky bond package down our throats like they did in 2017! Will they use a shadowy PAC that cranks out content-free slick mailers filled with platitudes about “the children” like they did in 2017? Will they force teachers to sit in on pitches for the bond package like they did in 2017? Maybe they’ll try to float a plan for the most expensive high school in Texas…also like they did in 2017! Surely they won’t try to foist a natatorium boondoggle on us like they did in 2017! Buckle up…this should be a fun ride.

    The districts

Kirby Killough
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