Round Rock ISD making plans for growing population


What we reported

Round Rock ISD is anticipating an increase of students in the coming years. However, voters rejected the district’s $572.09 million bond package in May.  The failed bond package included a number of improvements to campuses throughout the district and new campuses to accommodate student growth.

The latest 

In early December, RRISD trustees discussed a smaller-scale bond focusing on critical needs to be called before the May 2018 election. Trustees said the bond could be used to bridge the gap between current needs and a future bond. Staff studied what projects might be considered critical to be included on the bond and presented the items at a December board meeting. The items included improvements to HVAC and roofing systems on 13 campuses, HVAC systems on 12 campuses, plumbing systems on 11 campuses and roofs at 7 campuses; fire alarm systems at 10 campuses and other safety needs throughout the district; new busing systems throughout RRISD; water quality ponds, underground water storage tanks and abatement; and a new elementary campus on the east side of the district.

What’s next 

RRISD trustees must decide before Feb. 16 whether they will call a bond for the May election. If they do not, they have the option of waiting for the November election. Trustees expressed concern that if the district waits until November, the current critical needs will worsen. Trustees plan to continue the bond discussion at future board meetings.

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