Round Rock ISD bond propositions fail


Updated 9:55 p.m. May 6

With all polling locations throughout the Round Rock ISD district reporting, all three Round Rock ISD bond propositions failed. The combined $572.09 million bond was broken down into three propositions, with the first proposition aimed at improving district facilities coming the close to passing.

We will update this story with any statement from Round Rock ISD officials and bond opponents as feedback is made available.

Final results (unofficial):

Proposition 1
For: 8,261 votes (48.1 percent)
Against: 8,905 votes (51.9 percent)

Proposition 2
For: 8,061 votes (47 percent)
Against: 9,104 votes (53 percent)

Proposition 3
For: 7,296 votes (42.6 percent)
Against: 9,841 votes (57.4 percent)

Updated 9:10 p.m. May 6

Here are the latest figures, which show an increasing gap for all three bond propositions to pass.

Proposition 1
For: 7,585 votes (48 percent)
Against: 8,222 votes (52 percent)

Proposition 2
For: 7,380 votes (46.7 percent)
Against: 8,428 votes (53.3 percent)

Proposition 3
For: 6,667 votes (42.2 percent)
Against: 9,112 votes (57.8 percent)

Updated 9 p.m. May 6

According to the latest combined results from Williamson and Travis counties, here are where all three bonds propositions stand:

Proposition 1
For: 6,977 votes (48.7 percent)
Against: 7,363 votes (51.3 percent)

Proposition 2
For: 6,794 votes (47.4 percent)
Against: 7,546 votes (52.6 percent)

Proposition 3
For: 6,150 votes (43 percent)
Against: 8,161 votes (57 percent)

Updated 8:40 p.m. May 6

As Election Day results from Williamson County begin to emerge, at least one bond proposition race is tightening.

Proposition 1 is still failing but by a lesser margin, 50.6 percent against versus 49.4 percent for the bond. Proposition 2 is still trailing with 48.2 percent against and 51.8 percent in support of the bond. Proposition 3 continues to trail significantly with 56.1 percent of the vote against the proposal.

All three Round Rock ISD bond propositions are failing, according to Williamson and Travis county early voting results.

Proposition 1 and 2 are leading in Williamson County but trailing overall. Proposition 3 is failing in both counties, based on early voting results.

Proposition 1
For: 4,825 (48.21 percent)
Against: 5,183 (51.79 percent)

Proposition 2
For: 4,724 (47.2 percent)
Against: 5,285 (52.8 percent)

Proposition 3
For: 4,310 (43.2 percent)
Against: 5,674 (56.8 percent)

And here are the county early voting breakdowns:

Williamson County

Proposition 1
For: 4,235 (52.19 percent)
Against: 3,879 (47.81 percent)

Proposition 2
For: 4,148 (51.12 percent)
Against: 3,967 (48.88 percent)

Proposition 3
For: 3,809 (47.07 percent)
Against: 4,283 (52.93 percent)

Travis County

Proposition 1
For: 590 (31.15 percent)
Against: 1,304 (68.85 percent)

Proposition 2
For: 576 (30.41 percent)
Against: 1,304 (69.59 percent)

Proposition 3
For: 501 (47.07 percent)
Against: 1,391 (73.52 percent)

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  1. This isn’t a Lexus district like Southlake or Westlake. Give us a good proposal without trying to build the most expensive high school in the state of Texas, proving you really need it, let Round Rock pay for a natatorium if they want to be the (snark) “Sports Capital of Texas” and we’ll vote for a proposal that leaves the “nice to haves” out of it.

  2. Making sure the Travis side becomes the redhedded step child of the district from now on!

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