Pflugerville ISD students will start school Aug. 28 and count down to the last day of school June 6. Those dates bookmark the school calendar for 2017-18.

The calendar details include:

  • Aug. 16, teachers report
  • Aug. 16, professional development/preparation day
  • Aug. 25, professional development/preparation day
  • Aug. 28, students start school
  • Sept. 4, Labor Day off
  • Oct. 9, professional development/preparation day
  • Oct. 25, early release day, elementary parent conferences, middle school PD
  • Nov. 20-24, Thanksgiving break
  • Dec. 20, high school exams
  • Dec. 21, high school exams
  • Dec. 22-Jan. 8, Christmas break
  • Jan. 8, professional development/preparation day
  • Jan. 15, Martin Luther King Jr. Day off
  • Jan. 31, elementary parent conferences, middle school PD
  • Feb. 19, professional development/preparation day
  • March 12-16, spring break
  • March 30, Good Friday off
  • May 28, Memorial Day off
  • June 5, high school exams
  • June 6, high school exams
  • June 6, last day of school
  • June 7, professional development/preparation day



Pflugerville ISD approves 2017-18 school year calendar


  • This is an atrocious and ridiculous calendar. Obviously they did not think about the impact this would have on thousands of families. What about people who travel at Christmas? Are they supposed to take their child out of school with unexcused absences to travel? What about the workforce that has to go back January 2nd? What are they supposed to do with their children? Who can afford more daycare, especially in our Title 1 School? Did anyone on the decision making board listen to the public? This is clearly catering to an extreme minority instead of the well-being and interests of the entire district population.

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