Several new businesses to open at Hwy. 79, Ed Schmidt Blvd. in Hutto


Several new tenants have been announced for Townwest Commons, a mixed-use development located at Hwy. 79 and Ed Schmidt Boulevard in Hutto, according to a Sept. 3 news release.

Houston-based NewQuest Properties has broken ground on Phase 2 of the project, featuring two new buildings with a total of 15,560 square feet.

Castle Dental, Go Wireless and Sport Clips comprise the retail space currently pre-leased, per the release. As it stands, one vacant lease remains in the building.

“Hutto is one of the last places to get a house for under $300,000 in Austin,” said Meredith McLeod-Cobb, an associate and development partner of NewQuest, in the release. “We are seeing a lot of interest in phase II from the medical community, as well as NewQuest developing a professional office building to accommodate the unmet demand in the Hutto market.”

Lowe’s Home Improvement is the anchor business in Townwest Commons. Approximately half the land has already been developed, according to the release. The buildings included in Phase 2 will be complete in early 2020, per the release.

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  1. Do we really need anymore Dentists and hair places? I feel we already have one too many. I think we need some more Electronics based stores or maybe a smoothie place like Jamba Juice

    • Victoria Keeler

      No more Dentist please. No more gas stations, Aldi’s or
      HEB please. Red Lobster, Olive Garden,,HELP

    • Another George (lol)

      Be thankful it’s not another Nail Salon. LOL Everytime a new retail center appears, there’s always a Nail Salon that opens first. NO MORE. LOL

  2. Datresidenttho

    What Hutto needs is a damn hospital. A Walmart would help… That would keep people in the community more, which makes it more likely they’ll spend money outside of Walmart. Hutto is really starved of good restaurants, it’s a bunch of crap. You can’t get a good burger in Hutto, not even good BBQ or tex mex, 3 texas staples are really lacking in Hutto. And no, Rio grande is not good tex mex, it serves its purpose. That’s it. Really not much is good in Hutto and that continues to drive local money out of town. Focus on food and more money will flow into the local economy. Me and my family never eat out in Hutto, we take our money to round Rock and austin. Also, Hutto could really do with a Fiesta mart… Or an Asian market like H-Mart or MT. I agree more dentist offices, hair, nails, any of that crap is ridiculous… Lastly, Hutto really needs a family centric place like a good park with fishing and playscapes and lots for kids to do… All these families and y’all don’t do anything for them. The parks in Hutto are complete disasters… Why can’t I wake up Saturday morning and take the kids to the park in my own town? Seriously… Like, why?

  3. Southside Market is coming soon. Flix Brewhouse too.

    The new park opened on Brushy Creek, I’ve heard. Hutto is a great place to live and it’s getting better.

  4. Hutto isn’t likely to get a hospital anytime soon. There are three hospitals (two of which are trauma centers) in RR and one in Taylor, and a new one in Pflugerville. Seton Williamson is on the east edge of RR. Hutto just got it’s first grocery store for crying out loud – in an area I didn’t even know was Hutto – I think most Hutto residents still go to HEB Plus in RR.
    Hutto is what it is. A 25,000 person town- growing fast, so it will get there…lots of good new things with the Co-Op and the baseball thing…

  5. Love all these self-proclaimed experts who know exactly how many dentist offices and barbers there should be in town! It’s as if another dentist’s office opens up, it deprives the town of a restaurant or hospital! LOL

    • Are you a dentist with a business in Hutto? I haven’t heard the word Barber in a long time. lol Aren’t they stylist now? lol

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