Plans show new Chick-fil-A, other restaurants and retail coming to RM 620 and Smyers Lane in Round Rock


UPDATED JAN. 14: A representative from Hat Creek Burger Company said in an email that the restaurant is not among the businesses opening in the development at this time.

“Hopefully we will be in the future,” the representative said.

ORIGINAL STORY: Plans are in motion that could bring several businesses into a development at the intersection of Smyers Lane and RM 620 in Round Rock.

A subdivision improvement permit, or SIP, application submitted Jan. 9 regarding the development, located at 17300 RM 620, indicates plans for more than 14,000 square feet of restaurant space and roughly 50,000 square feet of retail.

According to maps attached to the permit application, which is under review, the development could include Hat Creek Burger Co., Chick-fil-A, Wendy’s, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and an unidentified fast-food restaurant labeled “QSR,” or quick-service restaurant. Maps also show two retail buildings and a building labeled “Service One.” An unlabeled building is also included on the map.

A 22,000-square-foot Goodwill store is already under construction at the development and is expected to open this summer.

According to the city of Round Rock’s planning department, the SIP is only a plan for utility and driveway improvements for future building sites at the development. Individual building sites are not included in the permit and will need to be submitted as site development permits, or SDPs, in the future. Until an SDP is submitted the tenants can not be confirmed, according to the city.

Community Impact Newspaper has reached out to the developer of the project for comment on the maps and potential tenants. This story will be updated if further information is received.


A permitting application for a development at RM 620 and Smyers Lane includes maps with unofficial plans for businesses to be included in the development.

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  1. Why do we need to have yet another goodwill? There are goodwills like there are mattress stores. Just because there is some greenbelt left does not mean we have to trash the area and cement it over for even more fast food places when there are many of these same places just 5 miles away. What is the purpose? Is it really too far to go to Round Rock or Austin/ Cedar Park for a used $2 shirt or a burger? I can understand a Whole Foods / Trader Joes / Wheatsville / Natural Grocer coming accross the road on 620, but yet another Goodwill? Since we are not city controlled, who gets a say on what is allowed in our neighborhood? We do not seem to be able to stop the spread of transients sleeping on our roads as they are now in Williamdon County.
    How do the people who paid 900k and up for a home at the Arbor feel about this stuff moving across the street. Smell of frying foods, people dumping their unwanted goods on the street at the new Goodwill. There is a large goodwill at 79 and Mays.

  2. Goodwill’s just another big retail outlet, except they don’t pay most of the people they are supposedly helping minimum wage. That’s why you see so many of these huge, brand new stores popping up on every third street corner.

    And it would be nice to get something, anything beside fried food and burger places. This area is such a food desert, there are zero healthy options around. Give us a salad place for crying out loud!

  3. Serena mclaughlin

    Totally agree with C Fritz!! I witnessed a beautiful Roadrunner running across Wyoming in confusion. Are any measures taken to care for the wildlife in that green area? Is it the goal of the City of Round Rock to pave every inch in concrete? I believe this was annexed by the city, if I am wrong please correct.

  4. Im glad for the food places mentioned. I was hoping the unidentified business might be a Taco Bell or Rosa’s.

  5. Annette Burleson

    Happy for a Chick-fil-A, but Jason’s Deli or Panera Bread would be nice too. Need a nice sit-down restaurant instead of Goodwill!!

  6. I find it amusing that people think they can dictate exactly what businesses should be allowed to set up shop, how many are ‘enough,’ and exactly where they should be, as if they were the emperor. Feel free to go play Sim City or live in the fantasy land in your head.

  7. I find it interesting that people think they can dictate how others should comment on chat boards. Go play Wanna-Be Dictator or live in whatever hellhole you call a world.

  8. I love the Baconator and wish we had a Whataburger.

    Also, chic fil a is the best thing that has happened to this neighborhood since Starbucks at least.

    BTW all these wonderful establishments have salads on the menu.

    Finally, no Taco Bell please, not here not anywhere. We have Mesa Rosa just down the street.

  9. A very large Carousel or maybe two.
    A gelato and a patisserie with white wrought iron tables and chair outside s we can enjoy the music coming from the carousel. A balloon vendor and a face painter is a must. A small train that will travel all around this magical place. Flower so we can buy our loved ones.
    The walkways are built with cobblestone.
    We can forget the extremely large water fountain centered in the middle of this wonderful place. We need to have a candy store the real candy not bagged candy and a chocolatier.
    No food is to be served at this magical place.
    We need this here or we’ll end up in Europe to experience this child’s dream.

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