Costco traffic impact revealed at Pflugerville City Council Tuesday


A traffic study presented to Pflugerville City Council Tuesday evening shows Costco will end up paying the City of Pflugerville more than $300,000 for road improvements.

Council members for the first time saw the city’s Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) for the upcoming Costco store, which is being built at the intersection of FM 685 and Kelly Lane.

“When I saw the analysis it just told me we need to do a lot more, more quickly,” Pflugerville Council member Doug Weiss said Thursday night.

TIAs are studies commissioned to determine the impact that any particular development may have on a city’s traffic patterns and infrastructure. The City of Pflugerville and the Texas Department of Transportation approved the TIA in September 2017.

Included in the TIA were mitigation cost estimates for Costco. Mitigation cost calculations are sometimes included in TIAs to recommend how much a developer contribute to necessary construction costs.

In the TIA presented to council members, Pflugerville city staff found that Costco will pay $301,000 for improvements to city infrastructure in 2018, followed by a subsequent $5,000 payment for improvements in 2023.

Costco will also pay a combined $76,565 to TxDOT over the next five years, as well.

The majority of the costs of improvements necessary due to the Costco development concern turn lanes for traffic turning in or out of the store.

Costco will pay a pro-rata cost of $85,000 for an eastbound right-turn deceleration lane into the Costco lot from Kelly Lane and $31,250 for an extended median to allow eastbound left turns onto Murchison Ridge Trail from Kelly Lane, both of which to be paid out to the City of Pflugerville.

The largest chunk of funds Costco contributes will pay for a new lane on northbound FM 685 for motorists entering and leaving the Costco lot. If the TIA recommendations are followed, Costco would contribute $183,750 to that lane construction.

According to staff, these improvements will be completely funded by Costco.

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  1. Pflugerville City Council is just now figuring out how the new Costco will impact local traffic, AFTER they agreed to all those tax breaks to build the store? Shame on our city council!

  2. I wish the city would take steps to improve sidewalk access along Kelly Lane near Costco, as well as provide safe sidewalks or alternatives for high school students to safely cross to the Stone Hill Shopping Center. That entire area appears to be unsuitable for walking, yet there are always students hiking through the grass and braving traffic.

    Same with Kelly lane. There is a lack of sidewalks and bike lanes, and a large population in that area that would really benefit from some proper planning that includes more than just vehicle traffic.

Iain Oldman
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