Pflugerville developing to the east


What we reported

With the development of Costco, Baylor Scott & White Medical Center-Pflugerville and residential units, Pflugerville is growing to the east. To accommodate this development the city is making infrastructure improvements to the area east of SH 130.

The latest

The city built a new lift station, a facility designed to move wastewater from one area to another, in 1849 Park in 2017. The station serves Weiss High School and is designed provide wastewater service to further development in that area.

The city partnered with the Pflugerville Community Development Corp. and Travis County Emergency Services District No. 2/Pflugerville Fire Department to fund infrastructure costs for the development of Costco.

What’s next

Costco and Baylor Scott & White Health are both expected to open in mid-2018, and Living Spaces is expected to open late in the year. City officials hope more retail developments will follow in the area.

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  1. Tea Party Advocate

    It is very sad that Pflugerville city leaders have decided that a portion of your sales tax, collected for PCDC, should go to help Costco for an extended period of time. Why should taxpayers help fund a private business like this? It’s LONG past time to get rid of PCDC, and the sales tax they charge us. We don’t have enough employees in this town to fully support the businesses we already have, and our government wants to subsidize a major new private business with tax money that existing healthy businesses are forced to collect from our citizens? This madness has to stop! Why should taxpayers help bring new businesses to Pflugerville that can’t stand on their own two feet without a government handout?

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