The Pflugerville Pfund has distributed more than $73,000 to 30 small businesses in Pflugerville, as announced at the Pflugerville Community Development Corp.'s May 20 meeting.

The fund had raised just under $104,000 and received 80 submissions as of May 20.

The Pflugerville Pfund was launched in mid-April by the Pflugerville Chamber of Commerce as a means of supporting small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. PCDC Executive Director Amy Madison said application reviews are still ongoing, with the remainder of the fund yet to be distributed. She said Pflugerville Chamber President and CEO Shontel Mays has worked "around the clock" to assist local businesses.

The application for the grant is available online and is eligible to businesses within the city limits that employ fewer than 50 people. Eligible businesses can request up to $5,000 in funds, but they must be able to show a direct negative impact on their business from the pandemic, Mays said.

PCDC board member George Vande Werken has helped review some of the applications and said the process has given him insight into the magnitude of this pandemic for small businesses. Vande Werken said many business owners have placed their entire life savings into their shops.

“It’s humbling and heart-wrenching at the same time, realizing what the consequences of the coronavirus have been," he said.

Board member Erin Kurusz suggested the PCDC and Pflugerville chamber should consider interviewing recipients down the road to learn how the fund was able to financially assist them through the pandemic.

Descendants of Pflugerville's founders—the Mellenbruch and Meigs families, as well as the Timmerman and Hagan families—have made matching donations to the fund.

“It’s been a really exciting process, getting people to donate and getting people to step up to the plate and help us get matching dollars," Madison said.