PCDC announces $14 million industrial development coming to Pflugerville as part of economic incentive agreement


The Pflugerville Community Development Corporation announced Thursday that a $14 million Class A industrial park will break ground this year in Pflugerville.

Austin-based commercial real estate developer Live Oak will develop the project at the southeast corner of Heatherwilde Boulevard and SH 45, near the Living Spaces store that is currently under construction.

According to information released Thursday from PCDC, the first phase of the project will involve the construction of three single-story buildings totaling a minimum of 250,000 square feet. The next phase is expected to bring the total square footage to 350,000 square feet.

According to PCDC, an impact study commissioned by the development corporation determined that the net benefits to the city for this project could exceed $1.4 million in new tax revenue.

In exchange, the maximum possible incentive amount from PCDC to Live Oak is $250,000 to fund infrastructure. Those incentive funds will be fulfilled in two separate payments of $125,000 each, with the first payment coming no earlier than August 2022, according to a presentation at the Feb. 13 Pflugerville City Council meeting. The second payment of $125,000 is contingent upon Live Oak hitting certain goals, such as tenant occupancy.

“We are actively engaged in conversations with prospective tenants and brokers but have no confirmed leases at this time,” Live Oak President Scott Flack said.

Pflugerville Interim City Manager Trey Fletcher told council members Feb. 13 that anticipated uses for the building include light industrial and light manufacturing, though zoning for the space allows for a number of uses.

Pflugerville City Council approved a performance agreement between PCDC and Live Oak at its regular meeting Feb. 13. The agreement requires construction on the first phase of the project to begin by Sept. 30 and the shell buildings to be complete by Dec. 31, 2019.

“Our recent successes in recruiting companies to Pflugerville has left us with a limited stock of options for office and industrial flex space that is sorely needed to continue our economic development momentum. Keeping up with the demand is a priority for our board and is central to our comprehensive economic development plan,” said PCDC Executive Director Amy Madison in a statement. “With this project, we provide new inventory for recruitment of companies while also forming a great partnership with a reputable full-service commercial real estate company.”


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  1. “$1.4 million in new tax revenue” from a new industrial park complex? What kind of alien math did they use to calculate that, since the complex has no confirmed tenants? And what is the total cost to the city, beyond the $250K the city already promised? Without any tenants, they can’t calculate that important expense either, now can they? PCDC needs to stop collecting our sales tax money for the purpose of subsidizing businesses that can’t stand on their own two feet. How many FAILED deals has PCDC spent millions of our taxpayer dollars since their inception? Over the years I have really gotten sick to my stomach over all these “pie in the sky” giveaways by PCDC. (i.e., what happened to the money they gave to the BBQ sauce startup?) Somebody should add up all the money PCDC has spent over the years, and compare it to any investments that actually materialized. I suspect that PCDC is a black hole for taxpayer money, with little to show for it. PCDC seems to have no accountability to anybody but the rubber-stamping city council, and it needs to stop soon.

  2. With all due respect Mr. Fargue, I view this situation differently. Years ago the president of PCDC told us right here in the comments of a Community Impact story that if PCDC didn’t take our tax money, some other government entity would. I know that sounds absolutely disgusting, and it is, but I doubt if he would have said it if it weren’t true. My own opinion is that what this town needs most right now is public transportation. We don’t even have sidewalks along much of 685 to ride a bicycle between Stone Hill Town Center and Walmart. If PCDC has an extra quarter million burning a hole in their pocket, they should at least spend it on some useful sidewalks.

  3. Mary A. Rodriguez

    PCDC. Isn’t that the same group that got us into that disastrous water park deal? The developer cut an run after a couple money losing seasons, leaving Pville holding the bag. Did the city ever get all the money back they lost on that deal, or is the city still on the hook for the original loan? Our ex-mayor bragged the water park was going to make Pville a tourist destination, but that obviously never happened. I think it was also PCDC that told us we were going to get billion dollar mixed use development in that corn field next to the water park, and a big data center behind Stone Hill shopping center.

  4. I seriously doubt if this $250K gift from the city makes any difference as to whether or not the developer moves ahead with this $14 million project.

Kirby Killough
Kirby Killough joined Community Impact after working in broadcast news. She is currently the editor for the Round Rock, Pflugerville and Hutto edition of Community Impact.
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