Ground breaking for the construction of Schneider Boulevard through the new $100 million speculative building investment in Hutto by Titan Development will be Oct. 17. Construction on the first building will begin Nov. 6.

“That’s a big event for this town,” City Manager Odis Jones said. “We’ll be able to bring jobs in a way we haven’t been able to before.”

The Titan Development project in Innovation Business Park, located along Innovation Boulevard on the opposite side of the East Williamson County Higher Education Center, includes an original facility of 150,000 square feet. After the space is rented, five more buildings are planned as part of the first phase, which will be close to 1 million square feet.

Jones said another project, the Gin at the Co-op, is also moving along ahead of pace.
The Gin property, about 25 acres north of Hwy. 79, west of downtown, will become a mixed-use development, with entertainment opportunities, such as restaurants and bars, mixed with second-floor residential, retail and office space.

The space, according to Jones and Helen Ramirez, executive director of business & development services, will be about 500,000 total square feet of buildings, along with park land. Jones said a theater, multiple four-story parking garages, and a five- to six-story hotel have expressed interest.

Leading up to November construction, drainage work will be the focus for the city.