Round Rock moving forward on annexation agreements

Round Rock City Council approved an annexation agreement with a landowner in the city's extraterritorial jurisdiction May 26 as part of a larger plan the city has for the area. The subject property is just east of the Vizcaya housing development and north of University Boulevard.

The city of Round Rock moved forward on an annexation agreement May 26. The city of Round Rock moved forward on an annexation agreement May 26.[/caption]

The agreement for the 153.92 acre tract of land essentially says the city agrees not to annex the land as long as the property owner does not develop it, Round Rock Planning Director Brad Wiseman said at the May 26 meeting. Land in the ETJ is subject to city annexation, but if land is involuntarily annexed the city has a limited amount of time to extend utilities to the area under state law. If the landowner petitions to be annexed then it is the landowner's responsibility to pay to extend utilities.

Wiseman said under the annexation agreement if the property owner develops the property it will be considered a petition for annexation, at which point the property will be brought into the city limits and the developer will pay to have utilities extended to the property.

"The big benefit of this agreement is it allows the city some land use control outside the city limits," Wiseman said.

Wiseman said the city has sent out annexation agreements to properties  west of CR 110 and will send agreements to more properties east of 110 after the city has more agreements signed. The city's ETJ extends along University east of SH 130 to SH 100.