‘All of us are significantly worried:’ neighbors react to indoor shooting range under construction in Round Rock


In late August, a sign with the words Shoot Point Blank was placed at the intersection of Louis Henna Boulevard and Warner Ranch Drive in Round Rock. Those three words have caused a stir among area residents.

Carrie Thomerson, a 5-year resident of Somerville at Warner Ranch, said the sign was the first information she received about the indoor shooting range and gun store under construction at the entrance to her neighborhood.

“I have no issue with guns,” Thomerson said. “I have no issue with shooting ranges. But right in the entrance to a neighborhood? It’s just a bad place to put it.”

The 15,019-square-foot indoor shooting range is being built on a nearly 2.5-acre property at 1775 Warner Ranch Drive, Round Rock, according to development plans dated Feb. 22, 2018. The business will also sell firearms and ammunition, per the company’s website.

Yash Motipara and his wife Jigna Patel said they have lived in Somerville at Warner Ranch since March 2018. They attended a Sept. 18 neighborhood meeting, alongside dozens of other residents, to express concerns about Shoot Point Blank.

“It will change the whole perception of the neighborhood,” Motipara said of the shooting range.

Standing under a pavilion at the neighborhood park, Motipara pointed to the construction site across the street. He indicated a school bus stop on Warner Ranch Drive, approximately 100 yards from the entrance to the shooting range, a basketball court, community swimming pool and park near the establishment.

“All of us are significantly worried about our well-being and our families’ well-being,” he said.

Doug Misenheimer, a Somerville at Warner Ranch resident of about four-and-a-half years, echoed Motipara’s concerns.

“We’re a community of families with young kids,” Misenheimer said. “With all the violence in the world today, having that [gun range]right here can be intimidating to a youngster.”

Thomerson, Motipara and Misenheimer stated concerns with traffic as well. Shoot Point Blank will have one entrance and exit, according to site plans submitted to the city. That point of access is on Warner Ranch Drive, not Louis Henna Boulevard.

“They’ll have to drive into our neighborhood and then turn into the parking lot,” Thomerson said. “Especially during rush hour, we already have a lot people who use our neighborhood as a cut through.”

Shoot Point Blank is located within a planned utility district, or PUD, which allows for a variety of establishments, including a shooting or archery range. The PUD was approved by the city in 1999.

“A lot has changed in 20 years,” Thomerson said. “The world is a different place than it was back then. Perhaps it’s time to revisit outdated laws.”

Shoot Point Blank is a chain business with locations in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee and Texas, according to its website. The business did not respond to multiple interview requests.

“What concerns me most is the safety of the community with gun violence lingering in all of our minds,” Thomerson said.

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  1. Stephen Abshagen

    Having a gun range intimidating to a youngster? How about parents teaching their children about gun safety and operation, like I did with mine, when I owned a home in Round Rock.
    Stop turning into California.

  2. I’d suspect having a gun range at the entrance to a neighborhood would potentially deter criminals from targeting those homes thinking home owners may have a higher chance of being armed.

    • I am more worried about the pen than the firearms… We are changing laws based on “feelings” and not facts. We are willing to hurt family businesses, jobs and hobbies because we feel scared. These businesses have a ridiculous amount regulations and requirements. Now they have to fight the press because they feel that the laws are outdated? All of us are not worried about the gun and archery range. We are more worried about our rights being taken away.

  3. “-intimidating to a parent who would prefer to instill fear in their children rather than take responsibility to instruct them in gun safety.”

    Fixed it for you guys. Seriously. I cannot fathom how so many people shy away from personal responsibility. If something is dangerous, I educate my children on the topic. Not shoo away any reminders of the reality we live in.

  4. Educating our youth on gun safety is “fine and dandy”. However, what we should be teaching is the essence of human ethics and morals. Having dignity, accountability, responsibility and respect to one another. Sadly, the world that we live in that’s just “wishful thinking”! I don’t believe that in any of the very recent incidents (El Paso, Dayton, Gilroy, Odessa) were there children found to be the suspects of any of these terrible tragedies. Nonetheless, innocent children were killed! They truly need to find somewhere else to set up their shooting range! Away from our neighborhoods! Away from our children!

      • The shop is not open yet, so why would there be a comment from the shop owner. Perhaps the reporter should have reached out to the corporation for a comment. Now THAT would be responsible journalism, covering both sides of the perspective instead of histerical headlines.

        • The residents are acting like someone is building a Brothel at the entrance of their neighborhood. “Oh the children, think of the children!”… Maybe if children were taught about proper use and respect of firearms the world would be a much better place.

    • I think who ever is worried about this gun range “being a Danger for your family” is completely moronic. And feel free to move back to California. If you dont educate your children about LIFE and the fact we are a FREE Country BECAUSE of Guns.

      • What does educating a child about life have anything to do with this? And folks can move back to California as soon as you move back to Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, or whichever of these states you are from

    • How is moving it safer? Reds has been located in the same place in Pflugerville for years and it’s surrounded by neighborhoods. I’ve never heard of Reds being a problem for neighborhoods. Stop living in a bubble.

  5. As it was said in the other comments, this does not speak for “all of us.” This is still Texas and home to many safe and responsible gun owners. I am happy to see more options in the area to exercise our 2nd amendment rights. I worry more aggressive drivers and the excessive traffic on our roads, in regards to my family, than a new gun range where a trained staff is overseeing operations.

    Guns are not going to magically leave our society, you can’t put that genie back in the bottle. We need to educate our youth. We need law enforcement to actually enforce laws that are in place today. We need the government to recognize the mental health issue that is plaguing our country. In a nutshell, we need to stop blaming an inanimate object for everything.

    Regarding the “what about the children” tone of the comments, I practice what I preach and I am a parent of two children (now adults) who were educated on ethics, morals and safe gun use.

  6. How about you people stop blaming mental health being the cause that people go out and shoot places up!! it’s not mental health thats the problem, those people are just plain psychos. I have struggled with mental health all my life, major depression PTSD and bipolar, and I have never ever shot a place up and never plan too. People who commit mass shooting are killers, psycho murderers. Not people who have mental health struggles are going to commit mass murder, just like not all black people are criminals.

    • This is very true. I wish there was a better way to define the issue than bundling them into the large umbrella of “mental illness”. But “psycho murderers” are psychotic/exhibit psychosis which is by definition mental illness. An overwhelming majority of individuals that experience mental illness will never harm another individual nor do they have a desire to do so. I disagree. Mental illness is an issue with most shooters [read mass shooters] as they openly exhibit various types of mental illness. I am very sorry Blake that folks equate all mental illness with violent individuals. I sure don’t. This topic hits close to home and I understand where you are coming from.

  7. Hoplophobics going nuts over nothing.
    Shady Oaks Gun Range is at the end of my neighborhood. The people who work there are friendly and knowledgeable (I got my LTC there). The patrons are respectful. The traffic is really minimal, even though most days that parking lot is full.
    All the firearm shooting happens indoors, I never even hear a single pop. And the arrows out back I never hear.

    Y’all are making a big commotion over nothing.

    • Reds and Shady Oaks are not feet from residential homes and parks, you cannot compare. You are quick to say home owners are over reacting yet if there was a shooting range across the street (literally) from your community park and pool, I’m willing to bet you would think otherwise. I’m fine with gun ranges, I’ve been to them before but this one is 100% in an inappropriate location. Don’t make it about politics, it has nothing to do with that.

      • Yes, it is over 300+ft from homes and 100ft from the park and pool. It is critical that this is noted these are “not feet” from the range.

  8. Community Impact Staff

    Hi everyone,

    We have removed a comment because it violated our Community Rules. Please remember to be cordial to one another and not to misrepresent yourself. We want our comment section to foster productive conversation whether it is positive or negative. Thanks for reading.

    You can read our Community Rules here: http://bit.ly/2QVb1mu

  9. It’s a PUD. When moving into a community, parents should include research on prospective communities they plan on moving to in order to make a more informed decision on whether or not to move there.

    Did you know more gun related injuries happen at home than at a firing range? Hmm. Maybe the indoor range will entice the community gun holders to regularly go there to improve their abilities in parental responsibilities in gun ownership or maybe for those that are curious about what is available. The only prevention of misuse of a fire arm is to teach our citizens the proper fire arms handling through effective training. If this indoor firing range can’t do this, then we can yell and scream to close the doors.

    However, until they do, I personally plan on taking my family there as they reach an appropriate age for firearms education.

    • This was a pretty good discussion on NextDoor a few weeks ago about this. I reached out to the person leading this effort with the contact information of a person at the company that was the responsible for community communications. That offer was declined. One other person did reach out and the contact info was forwarded. Responsible conveyance of this topic should have included both parties; residents and business owner(s). All it would have taken was filling out the contact info page on their website. I did and got a phone call 4 hours later. The person I spoke with was very interested in wanting to work with the residents and HOA and have a dialogue in regards to any and all concerns they might have. He stated that the owner of the company was willing to fly down from Ohio to have the dialog. From the article above, we would never know that or if any effort was made to reach out to the business.

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