Rosendin Electric will relocate to Pflugerville, bringing 84 high-paying jobs


Eighty-four high-paying jobs-—with a minimum average wage of $75,000-—are on the horizon for Pflugerville.

Rosendin Electric, an electrical contract company, plans to relocate regional facilities in Texas and California to a 50,000-square-foot facility in the Springbrook Corporate Center at 1033 New Meister Lane, Pflugerville, Amy Madison, executive director of the Pflugerville Community Development Corp., told Community Impact Newspaper on March 21. The move is a $3 million capital investment for Rosendin.

“Pflugerville was a natural fit for Rosendin; not only is it a great location in proximity to Austin with ease of access to major highways and two airports, but it also supports our goal of attracting the best and brightest,” Rosendin Director of Texas Operations John Colley said in a March 21 release.

The Pflugerville Community Development Corp., or PCDC, board of directors approved a 7-year deal with the company March 20. As part of the agreement, the PCDC will offer a $2,000 grant for each new primary job, up to $20,000 for three years, according to the release.

The deal is contingent on Pflugerville City Council’s approval. Council is expected to vote on it March 26.

“The opportunity to work in conjunction with the PCDC has been an added bonus,” Colley said. “It is exciting when a community demonstrates the welcoming attitude we continually experience from their staff.”

The deal is contingent on Rosendin relocating or hiring 54 employees in year one and creating 10 new jobs in years two through four. To be eligible for the PCDC’s full incentive-—which amounts to $60,000-—Rosendin must retain the jobs created each year, in addition to the 54 relocated or newly hired jobs.

“We’re thrilled to retain Rosendin’s regional headquarters and be the home to their relocation,” Madison said. “With an average wage of $75,000, this represents real opportunities for people in Pflugerville.”

Rosendin Electric employs over 6,000 people in 15 regional offices nationwide, according to its website. The company, founded in 1919, garners $2.3 billion in annual revenue.

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  1. How does paying a company and giving them the option to relocate workers help Pflugerville? Shouldn’t a minimum of 85-90% of these jobs be given to existing Pflugerville residents? Relocating OR hiring is a big loophole and I see nothing about the 30 new jobs total being created over years 2-4 going to local hires either.

  2. I totally agree. Companies relocating only benefits the company saving $$$$ in taxes because Texas does not have a state income tax and the city will benefit from added tax dollars but that will not be paid forward because it will have to fund additional maintenance and PD & FD expenses. I bet the current PD & FD personnel will not receive pay increases. They will have to work harder for less. The rich get richer at the expense of those who really keep things running.

  3. Yeah, what the others said. Because a company relocating to an area won’t buy ANY supplies from local businesses. Nor with their employees. They’ll probably bring outside workers to build any facilities they need. And truck in all the materials, too!

    I hate that I probably have to add this. /sarc/

    It always annoys me when I see responses like this to the announcement of a business coming into a city, as if it is going to drop straight in out of the sky fully formed. No thought of the number of LOCAL people who will be put to work building the location and then staffing it. Or of the necessity of business supplies needed to keep it functioning on a daily basis.

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