Pflugerville Community Development Corp. appoints new board members, elects officers


At its first meeting of the year, the Pflugerville Community Development Corp. board of directors elected new officers Jan. 17 and welcomed two new board members to the seven-member board.

George Vande Werken and former Pflugerville Mayor Jeff Coleman joined the board of directors, and A.K. Brewer and Ron Agnew were reappointed to the board following action by Pflugerville City Council on Dec. 18.

“We are honored to have these great community leaders who are willing to volunteer their time and serve on the PCDC board of directors,” PCDC Executive Director Amy Madison said in a statement. “This is an incredible group with diverse and rich experience. I look forward to their contributions as we continue to execute our Comprehensive Economic Development Strategic Plan that focuses on making Pflugerville a thriving community and one of the best places to live, work and operate a business.”

Victor Johnson will serve as the board’s president, and Agnew will serve as vice president. Coleman will be secretary, and Ken D’Alfonso will serve as treasurer.

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  1. PCDC needs to be dissolved ASAP. Give us back the sales tax money that PCDC STILL collects from us to support that pathetic water park. This town already has way more organic growth than it can comfortably handle. The traffic is already terrible, and bringing more businesses to town will only increase the traffic congestion.

  2. PCDC, please stop bringing fast food joints, auto stores, and carwashes. We don’t need any more corporate disposable businesses or apartment complexes. Please support more local businesses. We need more of the tax money given to small local businesses and new small businesses that want to locate here that are not corporations or chains. That should be a priority. Also, no more handouts to developers plopping down thousands of people in mega apartment complexes without any care to improve the community first. You guys are causing an increase in density by allowing all these apartment complex wastelands without increasing the quality of life and everyone sees it, that means you are decreasing the meager amenities Pflugerville residents sparingly already had. Also, is there any sort of building code to make this town look cohesive? Every new development is a hodgepodge of temporary disposable architecture that looks awful. Are there any standards at all? It sure doesn’t look like it. We all see what you are doing, please better serve the community of Pflugerville.

  3. I noticed that our former mayor, who strongly supported the inital deal for that failed water park, is now on PCDC’s board of directors. After that embarrassing disaster, if I were him I would have changed my name and moved out of state. We were led to believe that Hawaiian Falls would attract about 300,000 guests each year, many of those coming from out of town, making Pflugerville a regional destination. That park was supposed to be a year-round attraction, but in the off season it looks mostly abandoned whenever I drive by. And now our former mayor feels an urge to get back into government where he can continue meddling with our tax money? Hasn’t he done enough damage to this community already?

  4. Friend of Pflugerville

    How is allowing development of all of these enormous 1000 unit plus apartment complexes improving our already boring and underserved community? Has anyone tried reporting something to code enforcement, parks dept or public works lately? They leave things in disrepair all over the city because no one is holding them accountable except the public that makes reports and the developers that they bend over backward for. (for some reason, hmmm….) What happened to the “Pfix it” app? Every other city in the Austin area has a version of that app which allows residents to report issues easily, track them, and see issues reported by others. Pflugerville got rid of it because it was a way of making them do their jobs. Too much accountability for this town, had to get rid of it. God forbid they serve the community they are paid to serve. The Pflugerville website is a joke and deliberately deficient. Our tax dollars should be used only where they need to be used, on our current community and our current residents.

    Everywhere I look these days it is one 1000 unit apt complex going up right after another. Each one of them has a 3,000+ or more potential headcount. When Pflugerville hits 80,000 residents and 50% of those residents are temporary renters that are just here because its cheaper than Austin and there is still nothing to do here, Pf is sure going to be an awesome place to live. *sarcasm* Please Community Impact write a real report on how many 1000 unit or more apt complexes have gone up or are currently under construction inside the PF city limits from 2016-present. It is disturbing to drive around this town and see all of them. It is like this town is turning into one big “project”. It seems they have absolutely no regard for the residents that live here that pay property taxes.

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