Angie’s Discount Grocery in Round Rock built to provide to the community


After years of operating on a tight family budget, Angie Seto decided the mission of her store, Angie’s Discount Grocery, would be to offer cost relief to those in the surrounding community.

“My passion is to help serve the community with good groceries at a cheaper price,” said Seto, owner and operator of the grocery store.

Angie’s Discount Grocery, which opened in September 2017, offers a diverse range of groceries at reduced prices by operating as a salvage store.

Seto explains that larger grocery stores may reject items because of dents to packaging, or companies may pull product from shelves because of marketing changes, and then her store purchases those items from a third party. The discount grocer, located half-a-mile north of Hwy. 79, also sells salvaged items that have gone past their “best by” date.

“If I can’t bring it home to my family I’m not going to sell it,” Seto said.

The grocery store stocks a little bit of everything, including frozen proteins, produce, milk, eggs and dry food. Angie’s Discount Grocery’s produce provider is from San Antonio and sells rejected produce that may have just simply been delivered late.

Seto said the store carries essential grocery staples because she wants families to be able to stop in and purchase all of their groceries at the store if needed, though Seto said she understands most families will still need to supplement their cupboards with groceries from another market. Her grocery store gets many items at random and cannot guarantee quantity or availability, but Seto says her store gives families valuable options.

The store also helps to curb the carbon footprint of groceries by cutting down on product waste, Seto said, adding that several customers shop at Angie’s Discount Grocery for environmental reasons.

Seto stated the store enjoys frequent return customers, and that may be because Seto and her husband strategically surveyed the area for an optimal location.

Located in the heart of Round Rock, Angie’s Discount Grocery provides cheap food options for Round Rock residents who do not own transportation, Seto said.

“One of the missions of what we’re doing for the community [is]to really be able to let families afford some groceries—still some good groceries—but maybe it lets them cut down on their bills when they need to,” Seto said.

Angie’s Discount Grocery
206 W. Bowman Road, Round Rock
Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m.-6 p.m., closed Sun.

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