Rogness Brewing Co. on the outskirts of Pflugerville ceased operations in August after the lease at its location at 2400 Patterson Industrial Drive, Pflugerville, ended.

Founder and owner Forrest Rogness said the business will move back into Pflugerville and they will build a new facility to house the operation. He said the original location was in Pflugerville's extraterritorial jurisdiction when the business started in April 2012, but after about six months it was annexed into the city of Austin. He said the idea was always to have a Pflugerville-based business.

"We live in Pflugerville, love Pflugerville and want to move back into Pflugerville and create a new facility—a much better facility," Rogness said. "There's going to be food, events and concerts. We're going to have 20 of our own beers on tap, and new beer every week."

Rogness said he does not have an exact opening date for the new building but anticipates it will open sometime in 2017.

"We really appreciate the support [from customers] and know they'll really like the new facility, and we welcome them to come out when it's open," he said.

Rogness said customers can follow the brewery on Facebook during the hiaitus for updates.