New leader brings changes to Art Center of Williamson County


In the past year Ginger Dixon has taken over ownership of the Art Center of Williamson County. Before that Dixon worked as a teacher at the center, instructing students on how to paint, draw, sculpt and create. Prior to being an instructor, Dixon herself was a student, learning to paint under the tutelage of Round Rock artist Patricia Lyle.

Art entered Dixon’s life in the past two decades when she was serving on the PTA at her children’s school in the early 2000s. Dixon studied government at The University of Texas and then found her way into a career as a creative director. She said creativity was always something she possessed, but Dixon never knew how to paint until she found a teacher.

She was gathering items for an auction when a colleague suggested reaching out to Lyle for paintings. Dixon inquired about art lessons, and two portraits of her children later, Dixon’s interest became a passion.

When Dixon speaks about the role of art in an individual’s life, she becomes animated. To her, art is a way for people to gain comfort, relax and reflect.

Dixon said many students experience a point in painting or drawing at which they become frustrated with how some element of the piece is being shaped. This is the point she said is the most important.

“When people work through their frustration they learn a lot about art, and they learn a lot about themselves,” she said. “Just work through it; embrace it; and you learn so much about your own process.”

Dixon’s students come with varying levels of skill, age and preparation. She helps each pupil, ages 5 and up, complete projects or develop skills through classes customized per each student’s or group’s request.

The products of these lessons—some complete, some still on their way to being finished—line the walls. Along the inner hallway is a series of portraits with wire components and landscape sunset scenes. Inside the art studio are a number of pet portraits. Dixon said she loves seeing the pieces progress along the way.

“I get kind of attached to them when they are here,” Dixon said. “I’m sad when they leave.”

2111 Sam Bass Road, Ste. B2000, Round Rock

Editor’s Note: Dixon plans to move to 2111 Sam Bass Road, Ste. B2000 in early December. Until then, the Art Center of Williamson County will remain at 10 Chisholm Trail, Round Rock.

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