Pflugerville City Council approved an update to its citywide public camping ordinance during its Nov. 12 meeting, voting in favor of an amendment that defines camping and where it is prohibited within the city.

The amendment was approved on consent, which means no public discussion was held beyond the vote. As it stands, the city's code of ordinances outlaws public camping within the city's jurisdictional boundaries.

The approved amendment provides the following definition for camping: "The erecting of a tent or shelter of natural or synthetic material, preparing a sleeping bag or other bedding material for use, parking of a motor vehicle, motor home or trailer for the apparent purpose of overnight occupancy or sleeping."

Following a first ordinance reading on the now-approved amendment, Council Member Rudy Metayer confirmed in a phone call with Community Impact Newspaper on Oct. 23 that the proposed update applies to "the totality of camping in its entirety."

Metayer said the proposed amendment is not reactionary to any issues or concerns regarding camping that are occurring in Austin. Rather, he said, Pflugerville city officials want to remain proactive and are looking to amend definitions of public camping in light of the city's growing population.