The city of Pflugerville issued a boil-water notice Feb. 15, citing "a prolonged power outage at the water treatment plant." The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality mandated the city issue a boil-water notice due to water distribution pressures dipping below 20 PSI.

Per the notice, all customers on the city's public water system must boil their water prior to consumption, including for hand and face washing, brushing teeth and drinking. Children, older adults and those with immune system complications are especially susceptible to potentially harmful bacteria.

The notice advises customers to boil water for drinking, cooking and ice making and to allow it to cool prior to use. Instructions indicate the water "should be brought to a vigorous rolling boil and then boiled for two minutes," per the release.

Residents can also drink bottled water in place of boiling. Public water system customers will notify customers when the boil notice is lifted.

"As we currently do not have an estimated time for repairs to be made to the electric infrastructure, we recommend gathering two gallons of potable water for every member of your household for a 72-hour period," the release stated.

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