Out of 2,784 acute care hospitals nationwide, the Baylor Scott & White location in Pflugerville ranked second in measurements of equity, value and outcomes, according to a recent study released by the Lown Institute.

The Lown Institute, founded by cardiologist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Bernard Lown, is a nonprofit organization with a focus on improvements within the healthcare system.

Two-minute impact

“Great care is only great if everyone can access it,” Lown Institute President Dr. Vikas Saini said in a news release. “Socially responsible hospitals are trusted to provide high-quality care to all, and their success directly improves the health and economic stability of their communities.”

Saini said the rankings are intended to evaluate hospitals beyond just patient outcomes, adding that it is important for hospitals to be “deeply embedded” in the communities they serve.

Baylor Scott & White in Pflugerville ranked well in a variety of markers, including:
  • Patients did not require further visits or additional care after their initial treatment
  • Pay equity for its workers
  • Inclusivity for all patient education and income levels
  • High-quality patient outcomes
  • Optimal cost efficiency
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Cleanliness
  • Among other measurements
Saini said the institute's ranking program—started five years ago—helps to identify hospitals that are examples of good healthcare operations.

“Pflugerville is precisely the kind of hospital we were interested in finding and trying to better understand because most people would agree, there's a lot that needs to get better in American health care,” he said.