Improving flow of traffic on major roads and highways is the highest priority among Hutto residents, according to a survey commissioned by the city.

The city contracted with market research firm ETC Institute to perform the statistically valid survey last spring and presented the results at a March 2 meeting.

The primary purpose of the survey was to measure residents' priorities and level of satisfaction with various city services.

Out of 14 categories, survey respondents ranked flow of traffic on major roads and highways as both the most important and least satisfactory city service—67.1% of respondents ranked it is a major priority, and only 16.5% said they were satisfied with the service.

The next most important services as ranked by survey respondents were flow of traffic on city streets and maintenance of city streets.

The city's best-ranked services were solid waste services and city library services.

According to city staff, the survey results will be used over the coming year in drafting a new strategic plan.

"These data are intended to help [council] form those more short-term decisions over the next couple of years," Communications Director Allison Strupeck said.

The full results of the survey are available on the city's website.