Hutto ISD is moving forward with a partnership with the city of Hutto to install a traffic light at the intersection of Limmer Loop and Exchange Boulevard, a move that administrators say would enhance traffic control and driver safety.

What you need to know

Trustees approved the interlocal agreement with the city of Hutto during a May 22 board meeting.

HISD Associate Superintendent of Operations Henry Gideon provided an update May 9 on an agreement being developed between the city and school district that would see the district contribute $250,000 and a small piece of land adjacent to Cottonwood Creek Elementary.

The traffic signal would be maintained by the city, Gideon said, and the small piece of land would be used to help reconfigure the intersection to better serve traffic needs. He said the small piece of land, located in the right of way, would otherwise be undeveloped by the district.

What they're saying

Board President Billie Logiudice clarified the agreement will not be a standard kind of project taken on by the district but came as a result of growth in the community immediately adjacent to the school.

"Our local agreement is not committing us in the future because this is a project that is happening as a result of growth after our school was built and in place," Logiudice said. “As a result of the additional growth that has happened, now we ... are coming back to ... put in a light to help with safety."

What next?

Gideon estimated the project would take about eight to nine months to complete.