An effort to modernize playgrounds at three Pflugerville ISD elementary schools is expected to be completed by the end of the year, barring any delays.

What's happening

The first phase of of a project to enhance safety at several PfISD elementary schools is underway at the following campuses, district officials said during a Sept. 21 meeting, including:
  • Caldwell Elementary School
  • River Oaks Elementary School
  • Windermere Elementary School
New concrete has been poured for playgrounds at these campuses, district documents state, and playscape assembly is expected to take three to four weeks. After that, a rubberized foam play surface will be poured over the concrete to enhance safety, PfISD Superintendent Doug Killian said, replacing wood chips that were previously used. District plans for the project say it is expected to be completed by Dec. 31 if there are no delays.

What they're saying

One component of the modernization project includes pouring a soft foam play surface on top of a concrete base, which trustees said is safer for students playing on tall structures than the wood chips previously used as a fall surfacing. In addition to being safer, Killian said the poured surface allows the space to be accessible to students with disabilities.

"It'll help us in a number of ways," Killian said. "It's a little bit safer, definitely cleaner. We have problems with it tracking into the building, and it will mess with our door closures and all that, so it'll be a good surface, and it's handicap accessible."

What else?

The second phase of the project is planned for the following campuses:
  • Copperfield Elementary School
  • Delco Elementary School
  • Dessau Elementary School
  • Murchison Elementary School
  • Northwest Elementary School
  • Parmer Lane Elementary School
  • Pflugerville Elementary School