Voters approve $508 million Round Rock ISD bond


Updated at 11:07 p.m.

Unofficial results from Williamson and Travis counties show 64.78 percent of Round Rock ISD voters in favor of the district’s $508.4 million bond proposition.

Williamson and Travis counties are reporting a combined 50,324 votes in support of the bond proposition and 27,349 votes in opposition of the bond with 124 of 143 Travis County polling locations counted and 33 of 59  Williamson County polling locations counted.

“We are thankful to the voters of Round Rock ISD for their participation in the election and especially for the support we’ve received from the community,” Superintendent Steve Flores said Tuesday night. “In Round Rock ISD we are committed to putting students first, creating world-class educational experiences and building on our reputation as a destination district. With the passage of this bond we will be able to meet the needs of our growing population, enhance safety on our campuses and modernize aging facilities to ensure equity across the district.”

The district’s last bond proposition totaled $572.1 million and was defeated by voters in May 2017.

Learn more about what is included in the bond here.

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  1. What was interesting, I voted against it and when I review my ballot, it was changed to not voted. Of course I fixed that but wonder how many people missed it if it happened to them.

  2. Didn’t we voted no last year!? How many times do they have to shove it down our throats? We voted no! We don’t want to pay with our taxes for wants masquerading as needs! Congratulations RR we just wrote a big fat check!

    [If the Bond passes, no tax rate increase is expected for Round Rock ISD property owners.*
    *Based on current and projected assessed valuations in the District]

    • kathy mccafferty

      This is the way your legislators have determined that we will pay for upkeep in schools. Other states opt for income taxes. Not Texas. So your choice is to learn exactly how bonds work (no tax increase on this one) and support the bonds, or let our schools fall into disrepair. A good example, if you want to see the need, is to make a visit to C.D. Fulkes Middle School, and see exactly how much work needs to be done. Hint. Work on this middle school is long overdue.

      • let me get this straight…….a 500 million dollar bond but no tax increase….you people with kids just love to make everyone pay for your little darlings….I have a better idea , you people who have children can pay for your schools and those of us without kids can keep our 3 or 4 thousand we pay every year for your schools.

      • I have 3 kids: 2 are in private school. Their school sure could use more money to upgrade their facilities. I have not issue with your public schools as long as folks like me who are not using the schools are not forced to pay for it! Most of our property taxes are for your public schools my children will not be using. This is money I could use to pay for my kids’ private school. How would you like to have your property taxes increase every year to pay for my kids’ private school?

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