After feeding thousands of front-line health care workers through May, Hopdoddy Burger Bar has shifted its charitable efforts to serve restaurant workers suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Austin-based restaurant chain, which has more than 20 locations across Texas, recently announced it is raising money for the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, which donates resources to hospitality workers in need nationwide.

“Through all of this, just looking at the staggering unemployment countrywide—a lot of it is driven by the hospitality industry,” Hopdoddy CEO Jeff Chandler said. “We felt it was time to help those folks.”

The Restaurant Employee Relief Fund was established by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and television personality Guy Fieri as a means to help hospitality industry workers that were laid off or furloughed pay for food, health care, transportation and other financial needs.

As of early June, the organization has raised $23 million in donations and awarded more than 37,000 grants of $500 to hospitality workers in need, according to the NRAEF.

Hopdoddy got involved with the nationwide fund after speaking with Fieri about its mission. One of the main selling points of the charitable campaign, Chandler said, was the fact the relief fund gives 100% of donated money to people in need. There are no administrative costs associated with the campaign, Chandler said.

“[Fieri is] super passionate about this. It was compelling to hear about his mission,” Chandler said. “That stuck with me, knowing that Guy is a nationally known personality behind it and driving it forward.”

While it is participating in this fundraising campaign, Hopdoddy is selling a $5 burger. Proceeds from the sales of that burger will go entirely to the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund.

Hopdoddy is additionally continuing its Pay It Forward Campaign, in which customers can donate $5 to Hopdoddy’s employee relief fund at checkout.

As part of that Pay It Forward Campaign, Hopdoddy previously donated burgers to front-line health care workers. According to the company, Hopdoddy donated more than 4,000 meals to health care workers throughout April and May.

Chandler said the restaurant will continue to shift gears and raise money for charitable causes as the nationwide economic and social landscape changes.

“As this need dies down, we will definitely look for a new idea or belief to get behind. There is a lot out there to support,” Chandler said.

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