The Rolling Rooster Another menu item at The Rolling Rooster is fried chicken with collard greens.[/caption]

Owner Glenn Williams chose North Austin for the brick-and-mortar location of his food truck, The Rolling Rooster, when he realized most of his customers at his Pflugerville truck locations were making the trek from the area.

Since he opened the new restaurant in June, Williams said he has seen a positive reaction from the

“In the afternoons you’ll see the community hanging out at our bar, eating some chicken and waffles,” Williams said.

The new location stays true to The Rolling Rooster’s original menu, offering fried chicken and fried fish. The restaurant specializes in waffles made from scratch, chicken cooked daily after marinating for 24 hours, fresh fish and collard greens.

The new, larger location also gave Williams the opportunity to expand his operations to include a full bar, making the North Austin restaurant his only location to serve alcohol.

Changes are one the way, however. Williams plans to roll out the business’s first brunch buffet in September at the North Austin location.