As part of an annual funding program to direct federal dollars into community improvements, Williamson County will utilize approximately $2 million to pay for infrastructure and public facilities projects.

County staff have identified a total of 10 high-priority projects countywide to be funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Community Development Block Grant Program. The county has been allocated $1.69 million through the program with another $329,994 in funds reallocated from completed projects or projects that returned funds, according to county documents.

The CDBG program distributes annual grants to states, counties and cities to help “develop viable urban communities by providing decent housing and a suitable living environment and by expanding economic opportunities, principally for low- and moderate-income persons,” according to HUD.

This year, Williamson County is looking to use its CDGB funds to back 10 projects. The following projects are set to receive federal funds for implementation:

  • Habitat for Humanity home repair program ($150,000)

  • Georgetown home repair program ($100,000)

  • Interagency Support Council-Social Service/Mental Health Assistance ($35,000)

  • Granger wastewater project Colorado Street ($344,050)

  • Liberty Hill sidewalk project ($488,000)

  • Georgetown Housing Authority rehab project ($330,000)

  • Granger Housing Authority rehab ($12,000)

  • Jarrell-Water System improvements ($467,000)

  • Administration-program administration and oversight ($96,984)

The Habitat for Humanity program will assist an estimated 10 eligible homeowners in need of home repairs. In Georgetown, the home repair program will assist an estimated 15 eligible homeowners. According to county documents, home repairs can include roofing, siding, energy efficiency and conservation improvements, accessible upgrades and more.

With its CDBG funds, the Georgetown Housing Authority will rehabilitate 158 residential units as well as its office, the Senior Center and Activity Learning Center, gazebos and fencing, according to county documents.

Several alternate projects have been outlined by county staff to consider in case one of the high-priority projects encounters a barrier to being completed. One of those alternate recommendations would allocate $350,000 to the construction of a new facility for the Yellow House Foundation, a nonprofit organization for alcohol and substance use recovery in Williamson County.

The county’s plan for CDBG funding allocations will be made available for public comment and review beginning June 24 and ending July 26. Residents can review the plan and leave comments through the county’s website as well as in person at the Williamson County Courthouse and several city halls throughout the county.