Northwest Austin flower market puts DIY spin on creating floral arrangements


Bright and airy, the vibrant red-bedecked shop on Anderson Mill Road in Northwest Austin—filled with fresh flowers and all the trimmings for the do-it-yourself florist—fulfills the dream owner Kimberly Hume always had.

“I’ve always loved DIY and didn’t like preset bouquets,” she said. “I always had this idea for a European flower market.”

On Feb. 28, 2017, she opened La Fleur Fresh Flower Market, where customers can choose from a variety of seasonal and exotic flowers in the walk-in freezer. For those without a DIY flair, they can work with Hume and her staff on ordering custom arrangements for either themselves, as a gift or for events.

In the front corner of the shop is a DIY table that allows customers to arrange a bouquet in a vase selected from the shop or brought from home and finish it off with ribbon and a card.

Hume worked for many years in the corporate world until she left her job to take care of her aging mother. After her mother died, Hume changed careers and began pursuing her plan to open the flower market.

“When I first started this, I didn’t have any training,” she said. “And I thought, ‘How will I remember all the flower names?’ But it just comes to me.”

Since opening the shop, Hume has focused more on creating custom bouquets. She also added delivery service for $15, including to the 78726, 78729, 78750 and 78759 ZIP codes.

“What surprised me is how much I would love making people happy with flowers,” Hume said.

In March, Hume will expand her business and launch a flower truck created from a 1963 Ford Econoline pickup in her favorite shade of red. She plans to take the truck to various businesses and events. She said she also hopes to one day open a second location.

At her monthly DIY classes, Hume teaches customers how to create their own arrangements and apply different techniques like using foam. Participants may also bring their own drinks and food, and classes are $35-$45 per person.

“Flowers, wine and women: How can you go wrong?” Hume said.

Creating a perfect arrangement

Start with the base

Large blooms, such as lilies or hydrangeas, work best, but customers may choose their favorite flower.


Choose other colorful flowers to enhance your base flower.

Fill it out

Add filler flowers, such as baby’s breath and greenery.


Bring a vase from home or purchase one from the shop, which also sells ribbon by the foot and offers themed cards.

La Fleur Fresh Flower Market

10401 Anderson Mill Road, Ste. 106, Austin
Hours: Mon.-Sat. 7:30 a.m.-6 p.m., closed Sunday

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