Jennifer Haley said she opened her yoga studio in Austin to streamline the workout experience for her clientele.

Prior to opening Yoga Pod in Austin, Haley had memberships to four different gyms and yoga studios to complete her fitness regimen. To remedy this, she made the Yoga Pod experience inclusive of various styles of fitness.

“Part of our whole mantra is make sure it’s a very welcoming space because a lot of people come in intimidated by yoga,” Haley said.

Haley opened this location of Yoga Pod in 2018 to provide a business welcoming for all levels of experience along with classes incorporating barre and weights. The business has three classrooms for barre, hot yoga and yoga flow, and classes are on from 6:15 a.m. to late evening.

Classes are guided by instructors, ranging from basic courses with long periods of stretching to advanced courses for the more experienced.

“Teachers tell you exactly how to put your foot, where to put your hands, and walk you through how to get into that pose,” Haley said.

Yoga Pod is frequented by both men and women—a 40-60 ratio. They have access to separate men‘s and women’s areas for lockers, showers and changing areas with spa amenities so those attending classes can get ready and head out to tackle their day, Haley said.

The PodHot is the most popular class with a room temperature set to 104 degrees and 60% humidity designed to build strength, create balance and increase flexibility. The class size depends on the time of the day, ranging from six to 16.

Yoga Pod provides additional supplies, such as blocks, balls, bolsters and blankets.

This year marks the five-year anniversary of Yoga Pod’s Austin location. The business sees loyal clients who have been coming a long time as well as new attendees.

“I see a lot of friends from my past lives, careers, jobs, kids, high school; they come into Yoga Pod and sit and visit in the lobby, go out for coffee after, or attend community gatherings,” Haley said. “I love all the new people coming in and their new energy that they’re bringing with them.”Part of our whole mantra is make sure it’s a very welcoming space because a lot of people come in intimidated by yoga.