Abacus Brain Gym

Children are introduced to mental math training and high-speed thinking through using an abacus that helps build mental calculation skills.
Ages: 4-12.
Dates: June 10-Aug. 9.
Cost: $195-$295 per week.

8650 Spicewood Springs Road, Ste. 124

Badgerdog Creative Writing
Summer Camp

Workshops allow children to work with writers to explore, experiment, imagine and create new written works for publication. Campers practice brainstorming, drafting, editing and revision.
Ages: third-12th grades.
Dates: June 10-28, July 8-19.
Cost: $375-$475 per session

Austin International School, 4001 Adelphi Lane

Bluebonnet STEAM Day Camp

Activities cover science, technology, engineering, art and math, or STEAM, and also include field trips, coding, cooking, arts, sports, dinosaurs and water play.
Ages: kindergarten-fourth grade
Dates: June 3-Aug. 13
Cost: $239 per week

Bluebonnet School of Canyon Creek, 10321 Boulder Lane
512-219-5100 •

Coding With Kids

The camp offers a variety of options focused on science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, including game development, “Minecraft” modding, web development, robotics and electronics.
Ages: 5-18
Dates: June 3-Aug. 9
Cost: $279-$549 per week

Amazon, 11601 Alterra Parkway, Ste. 500
Magellan International School, 7938 Great Northern Blvd.
512-415-4120 •

Game Worlds Camp

Campers learn from game developers and build their own video games. Developers help students bring their vision to life by teaching campers programming, design, business, audio and art.
Ages: 8-18
Dates: June 3- Aug. 16
Cost: $550-$650 per week

Austin Community College, 5930 Middle Fiskville Road
512-609-0052 •

Lego Robotics Camp

Camp options include a Lego maker camp based on STEAM themes and a strategic board game lab that focuses on building kingdoms, strategizing and solving mysteries.
Ages: 5-15
Dates: June 3-Aug. 2
Cost: $189-$386 per week

Multiple locations
512-740-3024 •

Mad Science & Imagine Arts Academy of Austin & San Antonio

Science-themed camps include hands-on educational activities using all five senses to spark imagination and curiosity.
Ages: 4-12
Dates: May 28-Aug. 17
Cost: $160-$290 per week

Multiple locations
512-892-1143 •

Minecraft and Coding Summer Camps

Campers are challenged to create creations such as castles, battleships and nether coasters using Minecraft Master Builders. They also learn the basics of coding and how to create their own video games.
Ages: 7-12
Dates: June 3-Aug. 14
Cost: $250 per week

6001 W. Parmer Lane, Ste. 390
512-333-4684 •

Moolah U

Campers work together to build a startup business and bring a product to market. Campers also learn how to make and value money and keep any profits.
Ages: 8-16
Dates: June 10-14, 24-28, July 22-26
Cost: $345 per week

Casa Chapala, 9040 Research Blvd.
Mangia Pizza, 12001 Burnet Road
512-443-8851 •

Parinama Academy

Campers have the opportunity to learn chess, public speaking skills, creative writing, spelling bee prep, Singapore math and geography bee prep among other topics.
Ages: Kindergarten-third, fourth-eighth grades
Dates: May 28-Aug. 14
Cost: $24.99 per half day, $44.99 per full day

13377 Pond Springs Road, Ste. 108R
512-586-7824 •

Summer Coding Program

Students attend live teacher-led online coding classes and learn to make websites and learn JavaScript and Python to create interactive sites, animations and games.
Ages: 8-17
Dates: Jun 10-Aug. 15
Cost: $149-$199 per week

800-213-2417 •


Campers enjoy hands-on explorations based in STEAM, such as robotics, food science and programming.
Ages: Pre-K-fifth grade
Dates: June 3-Aug. 16
Cost: $280-$385 per week

National Instruments, 11500 N. MoPac
Harmony School of Science, 11800 Stonehollow Drive
512-469-6200 •


The interactive camp helps children and teens start a business, learn about money and gain skills in leadership. Campers can build confidence and keep their profits.
Ages: 8-16
Dates: June 25-29, July 16-20, July 30-Aug. 3
Cost: $350-$380 per week

8600 Balcones Country Club Drive
512-699-2720 •

Young Peoples Workshops camp

During the Spanish immersion week-long sessions, campers participate in art; science and technology; arts and crafts; field trips; and team and water games.
Ages: 3-12
Dates: June 3-Aug. 15
Cost: $250-$310 per week

8014 Mesa Drive
512-401-3174 •

ARTS + Music

Art + Academy

Young artists can improve their drawing and painting skills. Classes aim to balance fun with expert instruction to improve campers’ skills.
Ages: 5-17
Dates: June 3-Aug. 9
Cost: $234 per week

8650 Spicewood Springs Road, Ste. 118
512-701-8070 •

Art Amore camps and excursions

Young artists explore their creativity with hands-on projects in the studio. Weekly excursions are also available for campers to be inspired to create art.
Ages: 5-15
Dates: June 10-Aug. 16
Cost: $300 (camps), $550 (excursions) per week

6507 Jester Blvd., Ste. 107
512-983-7022 •

Camp Creativity

The Dirty Easel’s camps helps children grow their creativity with projects indoors and outdoors, including theater, crafts, writing, music, improv and art.
Ages: 5-12
Date: June 10-15, 25-29
Cost: $240 per week

Kids Kitchen, 1514 Dandridge Drive, Cedar Park
512-553-6188 •

Cordovan Art School

Campers learn from artist-educators and create works of art in various mediums, such as ceramics, painting, drawing, 3D art and drama.
Ages: 5-16
Dates: May 28-Aug. 16
Cost: $229 (half day), $359 (full day) per week

8108 Mesa Drive, Ste. B-102
512-275-4040 •

Dancers Workshop

Camps offer daily classes for students with or without dance experience in ballet, tap, hip-hop, jazz, creative movement and musical theater. Camps end in a weekly performance for family and friends. Other weekly classes are also available.
Ages: 3-9
Dates: June 10-Aug. 9
Cost: $240-$350 per week

11150 Research Blvd., Ste. 107
512-349-7197 •

Ek Creations Pottery Studio

Campers learn about slip-cast ceramics, hand-building, wheel-thrown clay and glazing.
Ages: 6 and older
Dates: June 18-22, July 23-27, Aug. 6-10
Cost: $195 per week

13466 Gent Drive
512-797-6580 •

Fantastic Magic Camp

Campers start the day with juggling and then head off to a magic or puppet class.
Ages: 5-12
Dates: May 27-Aug.16
Cost: $325 (one week), $650 (two weeks)

7500 Woodrow Ave.
512-988-3045 •

Joyce Willet School of Dance

Themed dance camps allow students to experience dance, tumbling, musical theater and hip-hop as well as participate in dance games, crafts, dress-up and dance routines.
Ages: 4-10
Dates: June 3-Aug. 15
Cost: $210 per week

12687 Research Blvd.
512-335-0013 •

kidsActing Studio

Musical and acting camps culminate in performances for friends and family and include costumes, props, lights and live music.
Ages: 4-18
Dates: June 4-Aug. 24
Cost: starting at $245

Dancers Workshop, 11150 Research Blvd., Ste. 107
512-836-5437 •

School of Rock

Young musicians learn guitar, bass, drums, vocals and keyboards in a band environment. Camps conclude with a live show.
Ages: 6-18
Dates: June 3-Aug. 16
Cost: $275 (half day), $550 (full day) per week

2525 Anderson Lane, Ste. 138
512-670-2360 •

Young Rembrandts ATX

Workshops focus on drawing, cartooning and pastels with themes such as Forest Fantasy and Cooking & Baking.
Ages: 6-12
Dates: June 3-Aug. 2
Cost: $145-$325 per week

Deer Park Middle School, 8849 Anderson Mill Road
512-795-4753 •

ZACH Theatre

Campers can build confidence, creativity and collaborative skills.
Ages: 3.5 years to 12th grade
Dates: May 28-Aug. 15
Cost: $275-$315 per week

ZACH Theatre North, 12129 N. RM 620, Ste. 310
512-476-0594 •


Anderson Mill Limited District

Day camps include a different theme each week and are held at the district’s community center. A new teen camp offers outings to Six Flags, Schlitterbahn and more.
Ages: 5-15
Dates: June 3-Aug. 9
Cost: $175-$190 per week

11500 El Salido Parkway
512-258-4104 •

Asian American Resource Center

Camp programs include coding and animation; mindfulness and creative expression; cooking techniques; and Asian history.
Ages: 5-12
Dates: June 18-Aug. 3
Cost: $128-$330 per week

8401 Cameron Road
512-974-1700 •

Boys and Girls Club Youth Summer Camp

Boys and Girls Club Camps have a different theme each week with activities such as arts and crafts, games, swimming, and field trips for rock climbing and bowling.
Ages: 5-11
Dates: June 3-Aug. 2
Cost: $150 per week

Pickfair Community Center, 10904 Pickfair Drive
512-955-0128 •

Camp Doublecreek

The activity-based day camp includes team-building games, swimming, a variety of sports, arts and crafts, horseback riding, dancing, a ropes challenge course, paintball and laser tag.
Ages: 4-14
Dates: May 28-Aug. 9
Cost: $300-$375 per week

Various drop-off/pickup locations
512-255-3661 •

Camp Fire

Each week features a nature or science theme with activities, such as swimming, hiking, games, experiments and crafts.
Ages: 6-12
Dates: June 3-Aug. 2 (no camp July 1-5)
Cost: $350 per week

Emma Long Metropolitan Park, 1600 City Park Road
512-349-21110 •

Casa de Ninos Montessori

Activities include gymnastics, sewing, woodshop, outdoor adventure and water days.
Ages: 6-12
Dates: TBD
Cost: $190-$250 per week

13584 Pond Springs Road
512-331-3874 •

Club Z

Camps include activities such as field trips, arts and crafts, sports, theater, indoor games and gymnastics.
Ages: 5-12
Dates: May 27-Aug. 20
Cost: $150 per week

12741 N. US 183, Ste. 200
512-219-0700 •

Country Home Learning Center Summer Camp

Activities include team games, movies, creative arts, and weekly science and cooking projects as well as field trips.
Ages: kindergarten-13 years
Dates: TBD
Cost: TBD

13120 N. US 183
512-331-1441 •

Hyde Park Baptist Church Quarries Camps

Camp days include trips to Typhoon Texas, Jumpstreet and Main Event as well as on-campus activities such as kayaking, rock climbing and field games.
Ages: Kindergarten-sixth grade
Dates: May 28-Aug. 2
Cost: $180-$285 per week

11400 N. MoPac
512-241-0233 •

Spicewood Country School and Camp

Activities include sports, swim lessons, sports, games, horseback riding, music and art.
Ages: 3 1/2-10 1/2
Dates: June 3-Aug. 16
Cost: $695-$840 per two-week session

6102 Spicewood Springs Road
512-346-2992 •

Triumphant Love Lutheran Church’s Camp Hope

The religious camp focuses on a different lesson each week.
Ages: 4-12
Dates: July 8-25
Cost: TBD

9508 Great Hills Trail
512-346-5683 •

Wet & Wild Adventure Camp

Activities in the field trip-based day camp include visits to arcades, water and amusement parks and daily swimming.
Ages: 6-15
Dates: May 28-Aug. 16
Cost: $390 per week

Balcones District Park, 12017 Amherst Drive (drop-off/pickup location)
512-771-3188 •

YMCA of Austin

Multiple camp programs include swimming, games, crafts and field trips to places such as Enchanted Rock. The Adventure camp includes field trips for rock climbing, hiking and swimming.
Ages: 4-14
Dates: May 28-Aug. 14
Cost: $185-$245 per week

Multiple locations
512-236-9622 •


Aim and Focus Karate

The high-energy camp is centered on martial arts with other field trips and activities to improve focus, discipline and self-esteem.
Ages: 5-12
Dates: May 28-Aug. 14
Cost: $185-$210 per week

8516 Anderson Mill Road, Ste. 100
512-257-8552 •

Astro Kids

Kids practice gymnastics, ninja skills, martial arts, dance and yoga.
Ages: 6 months-18 years
Dates: June 18-Sept. 7
Cost: $185-$285 per week

13450 Research Blvd., Ste. 106
512-584-8400 •

ATA Martial Arts

The camps offer different trainings including in martial arts, ninja skills and weapons tricks.
Ages: 6-12
Dates: June 10-28
Cost: $275 per week, $750 for three weeks

13343 Research Blvd., Ste. 285
512-796-0953 •

ATX Ballers

Camps provide lessons that develop fundamental skills for all levels of experience and prepare players for greater game success.
Ages: third-12th grades
Dates: early June-early August
Cost: $100-$120 per week

Locations throughout Greater Austin

Austin Ninjas

Campers have training sessions on the various ninja obstacle courses, play group games and create their own obstacle course designs.
Ages: 5-12
Dates: May 28-Aug.16
Cost: $300 per week

6001 W. Parmer Lane, Ste. 430
512-514-0555 •

Brandy Perryman Shooting Camp

The basketball camp for boys and girls includes competition and intensive drills.
Ages: 7-16
Dates: June 10-Aug 8
Cost: $250 per week

Multiple locations
512-799-8891 •

Camp Jump

The theme-based camps include a variety of activities, such as gymnastics, interactive centers, yoga, arts and crafts, games, music and dance.
Ages: 3-10
Dates: May 28-Aug. 16
Cost: $230-$380 per week

Jump Gymnastics, 2117 W. Anderson Lane
512-593-6226 •

Challenger International Soccer Camp

A team of international soccer coaches trains campers to develop success on the field, inspire confidence and build self-esteem.
Ages: 3-12
Dates: June 10-July 29
Cost: $120-$160 per week

Pillow Elementary School, 3025 Crosscreek Drive
512-416-7705 •

Chaparral Ice Center Summer Camp

Campers take twice-daily ice-skating lessons or take part in a general sports camp with an emphasis on skating, outdoor recreation and swimming. The skating camp includes off-ice training, goal setting and arts and crafts.
Ages: 5-14
Dates: June 3-Aug. 16
Cost: $315 per week

2525 W. Anderson Lane
512-252-8500 •

Club Pup Summer Camp

Campers train their own dogs or borrow a dog to learn about dog behavior, breeds, agility, tricks, grooming and manners through games.
Ages: 9-16
Dates: June 3-Aug. 2
Cost: $425 per week

Hearts & Paws, 13291 Pond Springs Road
512-249-7255 •

Golf In Schools

Children receive training in golf fundamentals, rules and teamwork. Camps are open to new and experienced players.
Ages: 5-11
Dates: June 3-Aug. 20
Cost: $200 (morning only), $425 (full day) per week

The Golf School, 13530 US 183
512-767-5566 •

Lonestar Elite Technical Clinics

Camps are geared toward higher-skill soccer players and include programs such as Junior Academy, Club/Select and Division One with a focus on certain positions.
Ages: 5-18
Dates: June 17-21, July 22-26
Cost: TBD

Town & Country Optimist Club, 9100 Meadowheath Drive
512-336-5425 •

MVP Baseball Camp

Activities include hitting, throwing, fielding, base running, conditioning and teamwork.
Ages: 5-18
Dates: June 17-21, July 22-26
Cost: $228-$308 (June camp, July camp TBD)

Town & Country Optimist Club, 9100 Meadowheath Drive
512-413-8541 •

One World Karate

Camps are geared for children with special needs and incorporate martial arts.
Ages: 4-18
Dates: June 10-Aug. 9
Cost: $135 per week

9029 Research Blvd., Ste. 100
512-791-9327 •

Shot Doctor Scoring Basketball Camp

Campers train with professional coaches to work on basketball mechanics and techniques that improve a player’s shooting percentage.
Ages: third-12th grades
Dates: June 3-6
Cost: $115 per week

Grisham Middle School, 10805 Schoolhouse Lane
512-791-9464 •

Switch Willo Stables

Children learn the basics of horseback riding, including grooming, tacking, and bathing horses and ponies. Each week ends with a horse show for parents and awards for campers.
Ages: 6-13
Dates: May 27-Aug. 16
Cost: $410 per week

4829 Switch Willo Road
512-920-0554 •

Tiger Rock Martial Arts

The business offers daily and weekly martial arts camps and field trips.
Ages: 4-12
Dates: May 20-Aug. 23
Cost: $99-$249 per week

12233 N. RM 620, Ste. 109
512-918-8025 •

Tri-Star Equestrian

Riders learn the basics of horseback riding, improve their skills and assist in bathing and caring for horses. The camp also teaches riders how to lead a horse with a cart or wagon.
Ages: 6-14
Dates: June 10-Aug. 9
Cost: $300 per session

Tri-Star Farm, 6648 Spicewood Springs Road
512-775-7978 •

This list is not comprehensive.