Swiss-based luxury brand Breitling began retailing watches and straps at Domain Northside in early April.

The inspiration

Created by 24-year-old Léon Breitling nearly 150 years ago, the brand specializes in high-end navigational watches designed for both precision and fashion, according to the website.

With helmsmanship in mind, Breitling's collections focus on land, air and sea, allowing the wearer to utilize the watches for aviation, diving, swimming, outdoor activities and more.

In addition to watches, Breitling carries straps made from a range of materials, such as leather, alligator, rubber and fabric—all of which can be changed by the wearer.

Straps can be purchased individually, or in packs, which come with two straps and a changing tool. The packs are separated into themes, including surfer, explorer, weekender and gentleman.

What's else?

Breitling officials work to decrease the brand's environmental impact in a variety of ways.

According to the website, the company has set goals to operate using only renewable energy, while also reducing its plastic waste to zero by 2025.

Other ways mentioned on the website to lower the brand's footprint include carefully sourcing the gold and diamonds used, as well as creating eco-friendly, reusable watch boxes.

This environmental mission, according to the website, sparked a new collection called Origins.

A quick note

The wave of luxury brands settling into Domain Northside is part of a long-term vision to upgrade its fashion retailers, Northwood Retail President Ward Kampf said in a news release.

Other high-end brands now at Domain Northside include Rails and Swatch, with several others in the works.