Pflugerville Costco moves forward with approval of economic development agreement


Pflugerville City Council approved an economic development agreement Tuesday night that will allow development on the Costco store to move forward.

The agreement between the city, the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation and the Travis County ESD No. 2/Pflugerville Fire Department will provide a maximum of $6.25 million for infrastructure costs for the Costco.

According to the agreement, the PCDC will provide $1.5 million, the ESD will provide $1.5 million and the city will provide $3.25 million, which will come from sales tax proceeds. The agreement will expire after it reaches a total of $6.25 million or after 15 years, whichever comes first.

The agreement requires Costco to construct a 150,000-square-foot facility, make a capital investment of $15 million, comply with the Unified Development Code and obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. Costco must also construct a detention pond. If these requirements are not met, the incentive payments will cease.

The plan was proposed in June and now that it is approved, development on the Costco store can officially begin.

  1. What an idiotic move by the Pflugerville city council. Putting a Costco in this spot will be a disaster of traffic and accidents. When the first law suit comes I will fully support it against Costco and the city.

    • This is a fantastic move for the city. Let’s face it–the longer ago you moved here, the more you’re going to complain about traffic and congestion. When I moved here 10 years ago, traffic was minimal. Now? The amount of traffic backed up at northbound 685 and Dessau during rush hour is unreal. In fact, now the traffic backed up at East Pecan and Immanuel is brutal too due to the people avoiding the other backup.

      And…my point?

      The people who are smothering my neighborhood with this traffic are the very people who moved here and bought near Kelly Lane, Hutto, etc. And now YOU’RE complaining about an economic boon to the whole city inconveniencing YOU? Give me a break. It’s always the last ones in that complain the loudest about the people behind them, isn’t it?

    • Costco doesn’t cause accidents anymore than the I35 or 183 or MoPac…idiots do!
      If you can’t drive in traffic, or congested areas, you shouldn’t be driving!
      This is progress in action, you don’t need to shop there, and there are side roads you can use to avoid this area.

  2. Pfreee At Last

    Do all large retailers in the Austin are receive incentives to set up shop or just every large retailer that builds in Pf? I find it hard to believe that a 2 million metro area customer base still requires greasing of pockets from the PCDC to convince a retailer that developing in this area would be profitable.

    I would love to know more about incentives being given out left and right anywhere else in Austin/Roundrock. I am not saying it’s not done, I am saying I am unaware of them and would like to know more, because the only ones I hear about are in Pf. I can understand incentives for a progressive community development with multiple retailers and living space, that truly benefits a city and provides a sustainable local economy that can be built upon over 20+ years, but a Costco? hmm…I really want to know more about this process used in Pf. How will placing this Costco in this area improve circulation through Pf and benefit small businesses owned by Pf residents? I am wondering why there aren’t more interesting and thorough stories written about these things in Pf. So much is left in question and residents are just expected to accept it and move on.

    • Tea Party Advocate

      The way it works is they rob you with an extra half cent sales tax every time you buy something in Pflugerville. PCDC collects the money, and spends it however they want, with virtually no meaningful accountability (aside from city council, which rubber stamps most of their wild ideas, which is the other part of the problem.) Most of the new business deals PCDC has tried to put together over the years ultimately never materialized, or failed to produce the results intended. (Remember how the politicians bragged that PCDC’s water park was supposed to make Pf a central Texas tourist destination?) PCDC’s answer to all this is, “if we don’t take your tax money, somebody else will”. I’m not kidding, that’s what one of their past bosses said right here in past CI comments. They’ve also spent a lot of your tax money in Vegas, supposedly advertising the city to new businesses. The concept of greasing the skids for new businesses may have made some sense back during the great recession, but nowadays the businesses in this town can’t find enough workers, and the new minimum starting wage for somebody who can’t even spell correctly on their job application is $10/hour. The spending of our tax money needs to be seriously reprioritized. Somebody in the local government needs to figure out how to build wider roads faster, because it takes me longer to drive out of the neighborhood in the morning than it does to finish my drive to downtown Austin. Some local public transportation would also be useful. We don’t even have sidewalks between Stone Hill shopping center and Walmart to walk or ride a bicycle! Driving a car is the only safe option. These growing pains are not unique to Pf; Hutto also has a community development corporation which has been in the news lately for their “imprudent” spending habits. Even Austin has been criticized for their lavish spending to attract new businesses, such as their recent bid for a major Amazon office. If you want a great job in government, you could do no better than applying for a job at your local community development corporation.

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