Southern Front Doors Workers install glass and other ornamental features on site at Southern Front Doors in Cy-Fair.[/caption]

Jesse Salinas knows the value of a good front door. Not only is it the first thing most people notice when approaching a house, it can also contribute to security, complement decor, and replacing an inferior one can improve a home’s value by as much as 20 percent, he said.

“With the right style and attention to detail, you can really get that ‘wow’ factor, too,” said Salinas, owner of Southern Front Doors in Cy-Fair.

Southern Front Doors was founded in 2000 in the garage of Sam and Susan Fortenberry. Salinas was hired as the general manager in 2012 and bought the business with his wife, Elizabeth, in 2014.

“I’ve been in the door business since 1990,” Salinas said. “I worked my way up through every aspect of the industry. I’ve worked in the shops, the warehouses, sales, operations and even as a delivery truck driver.”

The business crafts customized doors according to customer preferences. A showroom on-site provides customers with a chance to browse different door types and various hardware choices, including locks, handles, hinges and thresholds.

Southern Front Doors The custom design process at Southern Front Doors can take about four weeks for a simple door and eight to 10 weeks for a more complex door.[/caption]

Salinas purchases plain doors from manufacturers, and staff members alter the size and shape, add glass and window options, and apply color finishes, grills, hardware and other special features. They also offer on-site installation services, Salinas said.

Salinas estimates that about 400 doors go out of his 15-employee business every month. He ships doors to customers throughout the country who tell him they cannot find the quality and style anywhere in their own states.

“Giving people that before and after transformation for their homes will never get old for me,” he said.