Wedding Cakes by Tammy Allen Tammy Allen recently remodeled her Copperfield shop to include wall and window displays.[/caption]

What was once a hobby for Cy-Fair resident Tammy Allen may soon help her leave a lasting imprint on Texas food culture. The baker and owner of Wedding Cakes by Tammy Allen combines artistic talent with culinary prowess to create flavors and designs that lure customers in from as far as Dallas to the Caribbean.

“For every bride who comes in for a consultation, we make sure she leaves with a warm, fuzzy feeling,” Allen said. “My wedding cakes are my babies. I like to see the look on the bride’s face when her vision comes to life.”

Allen opened her Cherry Park Drive shop in 2010 but has been running her business either from her home or on an appointment basis for 27 years. She has been baking since childhood and eventually left her energy industry job to pursue her passion.

“A professional photographer friend liked my work and suggested I bring some samples to [the Bridal Extravaganza Show] in Houston,” she said. “I got a great reception. That’s when I first thought, ‘This could really turn into something big.’”

Artistic talent is one of the skills Allen said she requires of every baker she hires. Artistic talent is one of the skills Allen said she requires of every baker she hires.[/caption]

Allen opened her Copperfield shop and began making cakes and cupcakes for weddings, graduations, showers and anniversaries. In 2012, she came up with her trademarked Texas Melon cake, which has been named the best cake flavor at the Texas Bridal Extravaganza Show for the past three years.

The Original Texas Melon flavor has proven so popular—making up 75-80 percent of sales—Allen said she is looking into a more focused branding campaign and has been working to get her product into grocery stores.

“Whenever we bring it to the bridal show, the line to taste it clogs up the main thoroughfare,” she said. “Brides try the Texas Melon and will re-do their wedding cake plans.”

In the meantime, Allen said she will continue to serve the community she loves and has always supported her. As the mother of children who have graduated from Cy-Fair ISD schools, Allen said she enjoys baking cakes for school auctions and fundraisers, and supporting athletic programs.

Allen said building relationships with customers is one of her favorite parts of the job.

“We are around for the wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary, first birthdays and so on,” she said “It’s a great feeling to have customers who really trust you with the biggest moments of their lives.”


Tammy Allen’s recently remodeled shop provides her with the space to bake, decorate and display cake designs on shelves in the main room. She also uses the shop to schedule bridal consultations, which typically involve:

  • getting to know the bride

  • reviewing pictures of example cakes, discussing colors, designs

  • cake flavor sampling

  • a sketching/drawing process

Over 21 cupcakes

On Fridays, Wedding Cakes by Tammy Allen offers special adult-only liquor-infused cupcakes available by request. Flavors include:

  • Butter cinnamon (with Grand Marnier)

  • Smokey maple bacon whiskey

  • Big Tex margarita (similar to tequila sunrise)

  • Bronco brown (with cherry moonshine)

  • Texas cooler (similar to a watermelon margarita)

Customer Comment

“We have never found a more precision-oriented baker when it comes to the design and the artwork. As far as taste goes, we’ve never had anything less than five stars.”

—Joe Harris, Cy-Fair resident