Pflugerville raises tax rate


Pflugerville City Council adopted the Fiscal Year 2015-2016 budget and set the property tax rate at $.5405 per $100 of assessed value on Sept. 29.

The tax rate represents an increase of $.0069 from last year’s rate and marks the first time the city raised the property tax rate in more than a decade, according to city documents.

Mayor Jeff Coleman said that the additional property tax revenue was needed to help balance the budget.

“The City Council has worked to lower the tax rate more than 10.5 cents per $100 over the last 11 consecutive years, and we are proud to have offered savings to our residents,” Coleman said. “Last year when the voters approved $53 million in bonds to improve parks and roads, we told them it would likely increase their property tax rate by two cents.”

Under the new rate, the average Pflugerville homeowner with a home value of $187,672 will pay approximately $13 more in property taxes this year, according to a city statement.




Pflugerville budget highlights

$28,183,456 for the General Fund

$7,396,628 for Debt Service Fund

$28,802,658 for Capital Improvements

$49,926,690 for the Utility Fund

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