Lisa Granados hopes to start a new trend in family and group entertainment with House of Clues. The Conroe entertainment venue challenges participants to work together to solve puzzles, riddles and clues.

During a family vacation in San Antonio earlier this year, Granados said she stumbled upon a similar business model while searching for a distinctive family-friendly activity—rather than the usual movie night or theme park. Four months later Granados and her family opened House of Clues in Conroe on May 29.

“I literally could not sleep without thinking of doing something like it [in Conroe],” Granados said.

Inside the House of Clues Mystery Room, guests search among a crackling fireplace and antique furniture to find clues to their escape key. The horror-themed room puts pressure on mystery enthusiasts as they hunt for hidden clues among bloody hand prints on the walls and snarling zombies.

A clock in each room shows teams they have one hour to complete their tasks and solve the numerous riddles. Groups are let out after an hour regardless, Granados said, but those who successfully escape on their own earn a spot on the Wall of Fame.

“Everyone gets their photos taken, and if you don’t make it you go on the Wall of Shame,” said Paige Fowler, Granados’ 16-year-old daughter, who helps out in the House of Clues. “It’s a challenge—a lot of people haven’t made it out. The earliest a group made it [out] was 45 minutes.”

Granados said the community reception has been positive. A variety of groups, including bachelorette parties and church groups, have made reservations. House of Clues is open Friday through Sunday, but Granados said she hopes to expand to offer the mystery experiences on weekdays.

“It’s more fun than other family activities because you’re not just trying to please one age,” she said.

House of Clues is slated to add an extra horror-themed escape room for Halloween this year and will continue to add different themes, Granados said. Rooms can accommodate up to 12 participants, and attendees can come in groups of any size—including a date night for two.

As a mother of three, Granados said she values fun activities for the entire family and felt the Conroe entertainment scene needed a new addition.

“I have worked in Conroe my whole life, and there’s never been anything fun like this,” Granados said. “As a family we have done everything you could do for vacation, including [going to] SeaWorld and various theme parks. I wanted to find something we could all enjoy and have fun [doing].”