Scott & White launches headache clinic at its Round Rock location Dr. Stephanie Vertrees is a neurologist with the Scott & White Hospital headache clinic.[/caption]

Scott & White Hospital—Round Rock opened a headache clinic to treat the common neurological disorder with sometimes mysterious causes.

Dr. Stephanie Vertrees, a neurologist with the new headache clinic, said headaches tend to be the most common disorder neurologists see.

“They’re kind of our bread and butter,” she said.

However, Vertrees said often neurologists do not know how to treat headache patients. She said neurologists will advise a series of oral medications, and when those do not work they do not know what to do next.

Vertrees said at the new headache clinic the doctors will focus on getting “back to basics,” such as discovering the headache’s triggers and how to avoid them.

Vertrees said the clinic will treat a spectrum of headaches.

She said before Scott & White opened the headache clinic the nearest similar clinic was in Temple.