Shady Oaks Gun Range in Cedar Park is in the process of designing a simulated facility outdoors to train people how to protect themselves with a firearm in a real-life scenario, such as an intruder breaking into a home in the middle of the night.

When the outdoor facility is complete by the end of the summer, shooters will be able to practice with airsoft guns or non-lethal firearms while accompanied by a trainer. Also outdoors, Shady Oaks offers archery on part of its 7-acre property as well as 10 indoor shooting lanes.

Co-owners Vincent McElhaney and Raymond Rosario opened the range in April 2014 with the aim of providing a state-of-the-art educational experience, McElhaney said.

“I’ve been told [Shady Oaks] feels like a sports bar without the drinks,” he said. “We’re certainly more than just a gun range. … Our classes and services [emphasize the] importance of safety. … We really stress education here.”

Introduction and advanced courses are offered, such as rifle or pistol proficiency. Customers may bring their own firearms, and rentals are $20.Shady Oaks filters the air indoors to remove any harmful fumes and particulates, as well as the smell of gunpowder, and also offers LED lighting for energy efficiency and to provide enhanced shooting practice, he said. No shots are fired without a range safety officer present.

First-time Shady Oaks customers Anthony Siegel and Tiffany Esteban said they were given shooting tips from safety range officers, such as proper stance and grip.

“All the guys are really friendly and informative,” Esteban said. “Once we got in here and started shooting, we had a few [staffers] help us out­—they each gave us their own tips.”