1. Texas Parkway expansion

The Texas Department of Transportation is expanding Texas Parkway from two lanes to four between Cartwright Road and the Fort Bend Parkway Toll Road in Missouri City. The expansion project is being completed in three phases.

Timeline: Slated to open November 2014

Cost: $7.5 million

Funding source: TxDOT

2. Hwy. 6 expansion

The city of Sugar Land is planning to expand Hwy. 6 from three lanes to four between Brooks Street and Lexington Boulevard. The project includes the addition of adjacent bike lanes that will tie in with the city's pedestrian and bicycle master plan. The environmental assessment for the project is underway and will be presented to TxDOT this summer. The project also includes funding support from the Texas Highway Administration.

Timeline: Construction to begin

by early 2015

Cost: $7.59 million

Funding sources: City of Sugar Land, TxDOT, FHWA

3. Meadowcroft Boulevard extension

Meadowcroft Boulevard will be extended to provide a new connection between University and First Colony boulevards.

Timeline: Slated to open by fall 2014

Cost: $1.5 million

Funding sources: City of Sugar Land, Municipal Utility District 138

4. University Boulevard

University Boulevard is being extended to connect with Hwy. 90 in Sugar Land. A plan to extend the roadway across Hwy. 90, over the Union Pacific railroad crossing and over Oyster Creek, is in the design phase.

Timeline: Slated to open summer 2014

Cost: $5 million

Funding sources: City of Sugar Land, Fort Bend County, TxDOT

5. Lexington Boulevard

As part of a 2012 mobility bond referendum, Missouri City and Fort Bend County have partnered to extend and realign Lexington Boulevard from Scanlan Road to Texas Parkway south of City Hall.

Timeline: Slated to open late 2015

Cost: $2.2 million

Funding source: Fort Bend County

6. Bike lanesIn early July, Sugar Land City Council awarded a $225,000 contract to Jerdon Enterprise for the design and implementation of 13 projects outlined in the city's pedestrian and bicycle master plan. Projects to be completed in the next year include a) buffered bike lanes along Grants Lake Boulevard, Bayview and Sugar Lakes drives; b) shared bike lanes on Alston Road; and c) side paths along University Boulevard that will tie in with existing bike lanes near the master-planned community of Telfair.

Timeline: Slated to open fall 2014

Cost: $225,225

Funding source: City of Sugar Land