Four Points residential development proposed on old Tumbleweed Hill property

Austin City Council members will conduct a public hearing Feb. 27 to consider approval of a site plan for a single- and multi-family residential housing project at 9512 RR 2222 near McNeil Drive.

According to the agenda, council members will begin the discussion at 4 p.m.

The Four Points area tract, also known as Tumbleweed Hill, was the subject of a 2009 lawsuit between its owner and the city of Austin, said Greg Guernsey, city of Austin Planning and Review Department.

However, city of Austin public information officer Sylvia Arzola confirmed a settlement agreement has been reached in the matter. She said the council is required to hold three readings on the site plan ordinance but can, upon a 5-0 vote each reading, hold all three at one meeting.

The settlement agreement materials on the city's website indicate the development will consist of a maximum 79 residential units including no more than 51 single family detached homes, and two multi-family buildings each containing no more than 13–15 units.

The plan contains 40 percent impervious cover on the 9.3-acre tract, according to filed documents.