Market Data provided by Marc Warshawsky, Realty Austin, Southwest Austin Market Manager, 512-658-2128,


Build-out year: Not completed yet

Builders: Custom builders, Lennar Homes, Mercedes Homes, Scott Felder Homes

Square footage: 2,407–3,916

Home values: $371,482–$593,355

HOA dues (estimated): $400, mandatory

Amenities: Natural springs and ponds, Hill Country views

Nearby attractions: Hamilton Pool, Nutty Brown Cafe, Pedernales Falls State Park, The Salt Lick

Property taxes:

Dripping Springs ISD$1.4900

Greenhawe WCID No. 2$0.8500

Hays County$0.4252

Hays County ESD No. 6$0.0795

Special Road District$0.0438

North Hays County ESD No. 1$0.0241

Total (per $100 value)$2.9126

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