"Zimbabwe" was the winning answer.

The quiz bowl team at Liberal Arts and Science Academy, an advanced academic magnet high school in Austin ISD, won the 2013 National Academic Quiz Tournaments LLC High School National Championship Tournament and was recognized June 12 by the AISD board of trustees.

In quiz bowl, students compete by providing accurate and quick responses to questions that cover the full spectrum of a high school curriculum as well as pop culture, sports and current events. More than 250 quiz bowl teams from across the U.S. and Canada participated in last month's competition for the title, AISD trustee Cheryl Bradley said.

"In a long and detailed question about a country, with the first place finish on the line, LASA junior Nathan Weiser recognized the name of an opposition leader and answered the question correctly," she said. "For the first time since 2002, a Texas team had won the national championship."

The LASA team comprises Weiser along with students Roger Cain, Arthur Lee and Allan Sadun, coached by history teacher Jason Flowers.

The team will be competing at a second national championship tournament for this competition in June in Maryland.