When Kyle residents go to the polls for the May election, they will be faced with a $51.9 million bond election to construct improvements on five roads in the city.

At the Feb. 19 meeting, Councilman Ray Bryant expressed concern that the city was not doing enough to provide citizens with educational materials relating to the election.

"I realize the educational material has not been put together, but what I wanted to see was a draft of what the people would see that's going into the educational material," Bryant said.

City Finance Director Perwez Moheet said the educational materials would include information about which roads will be constructed, a timeline for construction and cost estimates.

City Attorney Julian Grant said the "procedure and timing" of the ordinance had made it difficult to get educational materials prepared.

"I won't speak for everyone, but it's been my understanding that it's been the late nature of the decision to go forward with the bond election and all of us dealing with the other considerations for getting that," Grant said.

City Council directed Grant to create an ordinance calling the bond election at a special meeting Jan. 29 and approved a first reading of the ordinance language Feb. 5.

"It is a difficult thing," Grant said. "We are fully prepared upon going forward from tonight in doing our utmost to get that to [City Council] as soon as we can."

Grant said the nature of the bond election and the hypothetical costs and tax increases involved in the issue had created a challenge for him and his legal team.

"I wish someone had told me that because we're in the ninth hour on hearing this," Bryant said. "I would like someone either to call or email me prior to tonight, prior to being on the dais. I'm not getting any of that, so that's what I've been waiting for."

Moheet said he would have a draft to the council by Friday.

"It won't look pretty, but it will have the essential ingredients," Moheet said.

Those wishing to view the city's tax impact analysis—average property taxes are expected to increase by $259.48 during a six-year period—can do so by visiting: https://www.cityofkyle.com/sites/default/files/fileattachments/analysis_bond_package_options_2_5-20131.pdf.