Travis County votes to keep scheduled gun shows at Expo Center

Gun shows will continue at the Travis County Exposition Center through January 2014.

During its Jan. 15 meeting, the Travis County Commissioners Court unanimously voted to honor its contract to host nine scheduled gun shows.

County staff will communicate with vendor Saxet Gun Shows and relay resident concerns that have been discussed during the last two court meetings.

The court discussed the matter in executive session before making a motion.

Commissioner Sarah Eckhardt said that she supported the motion because it is all that the law allows the court to do.

"I ask that you all continue to beg our state to do what is available to it to reduce the probability that violent felons and the mentally ill have access to firearms at gun shows," she said.

She said other states have more extensive background check, permitting or dealer inspection laws.

"Our state does none of these," she said.

Commissioner Margaret Gomez said she did not want to spend taxpayer money on litigation defending the proposed gun show ban if the county was sued.

She added that the county is working on mental health issues through its participation in the 1115 Medicaid Transformational Waiver. The program will improve local health care services, including mental and behavioral health.